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  3. Vicebite stay brackets

    I used to use them. They are quick and don't break the treatment seal as you say. Only stopped as i got better at mortising and it was a cost I couldn't easily pass on to the customer as the competition were just notching with a chainsaw, so no added cost. Easy to use, just cut angle on stay and hammer on, only downside is there isn't much hold against rotation but easily reduced if off setting wire and footing strainer. The importer sold out but Moncaster products (i think) have taken it on had a shipment in. Their good to use on a temporary fences, no damage to strainer and easy to remove.
  4. Air hose for staple gun

    Think hose is about 30m. Which will do 60m if compressor is in the center. You don't need heavy duty, cheap light hoses are easier to use and if their cheap you can replace if leaking.
  5. G v fencing

    Hi from Cornwall Craig
  6. Air hose for staple gun

    I don't have a staple gun, but for my nail guns, I use the blue light weight hoses at hoome depot. They work great.
  7. Uneven ground

    Old school low carbon class 1 stuff. We don't do it with HT fixed knot wire.
  8. Uneven ground

    I am thinking it may involve stretching each line individually with the wire strainer.
  9. Uneven ground

    Hard stapling to overcome slack line wires? What kind of wire are you using?
  10. Uneven ground

    I am leaning towards field fencing, but would prefer it without the hinge knot. And it's a lab and husky.
  11. Uneven ground

    We do a lot of woven wire field fence (6" box) on hills, stretch tight then let off as needed to pull down and staple to posts. Often times you can help the wire along by pulling the bottom wire tight with a chain strainer and hard stapling it to hold tension. Then pulling only the top or bottom of the wire as needed until it is good and tight. I would stay away from a non-climb or "sheep&goat" wire as neither work well in steep terrain in our experience.
  12. Vicebite stay brackets

    Has anyone got any experience of vicebite stay brackets. Just seen them on you tube and the idea looks good. Quick and also no notching out the post so not breaking treated seal. Are they any good though. Anyone know much about them.
  13. G v fencing

  14. Uneven ground

    I agree on the horse wire but disagree on the barb. We do it all the time. A good sharp barb under the net will do more to stop digging out than tough love. Although my advice to you on this job after hearing your description is to give her you biggest competitors phone number.
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  16. Uneven ground

    https://www.farmfencesolutions.com/product/titan-1348-2/ Something along these lines, but if the dogs are all bigger, it would be overkill.
  17. Uneven ground

    Yeah it needs to be tight to the ground, but no barb because it's to keep her dogs in.
  18. Uneven ground

    I am open to suggestions, it's to keep some dogs in. They like to go under. I suggested chicken netting on the bottom. This job is partially redoing a crappy job someone else did. They did 6 ft field with 4 ft long h post, not really stretched, the. They twisted the wire to tighten it and make it look better, which ended up breaking.
  19. Air hose for staple gun

    Just picked up a ST400 and was wondering hose lengths you guys are running? also are there any heavy duty hoses and reels?
  20. Uneven ground

    Net wire that stretches evenly is quite a bit easier to work with in uneven terrain. With Tornado, it's not an issue, but with other brands, we've had to cut the wire at peaks and valleys and put in a "V" with crimps or Gripples to make it stretch evenly. In the picture above, we just pulled it down and tied it off. No slack line wires to deal with.
  21. Uneven ground

    Easier to deal with on bw . But on net wire fence that requires a good seal with the ground its a real frustration. We always put a strand of bw under the fence. Mainly to layout. But we can pull the net up in the lows a little bit and split the gap between with the barb. You can add more bw in problem areas just stretched between line post. I Always try to avoid points in the top Make them rolls. But sometimes you just have to say it is what it is. Sure enough hill's folks can see why it's that way. It's the little terraces and ditches. Especially when there's several in one stretch. The average person doesn't see them. They drive the fence builder crazy. There's gonna be times you have to say. The fence is right. The grade is #$__&-+ up.
  22. Uneven ground

    What kind of fence?
  23. Uneven ground

    Any of you guys have an advice for making a fence look good on really hilly ground. Lots of ups and downs and steep.
  24. Wire clamp/stretcher

    I understand, I called during lunch while I was fencing as well.
  25. Wire clamp/stretcher

    Let me know how you like it. Sorry I wasn't around, but it was just warm enough that everything would start, so I was out fencing.
  26. Wire clamp/stretcher

    I ordered one from your wife today. Shall see how it does.
  27. Wire clamp/stretcher

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