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  2. FaCT -Train

    Blue FISS/CSCS Cards - Are sites becoming stricter?

    We've written a piece on what sites are now expecting.... You can find it here: http://www.fctrain.co.uk/cro-card-replacement-yellow-cscs-card-news/
  3. wfencing

    Battery Chainsaw

    Anyone using battery chainsaws. Are they any good and can they work in rain
  4. Earlier
  5. RCCM

    Deer fencing2.JPG

    How close are those inters? They look very close! Is that part of a race?
  6. RCCM

    Post turner

    What size post spanner are you after?
  7. West Fork Fence

    EVO 1

  8. West Fork Fence

    Measurement app

    https://www.farmfencesolutions.com/fence-configurator/ Tornado has a more detailed version on their website, if you'd rather have a way to bid jobs from home.
  9. Thegoatman22

    Measurement app

    I just downloaded it to try it, but it does not have great reviews
  10. oregonfarmfencer

    Measurement app

    I believe the tornado app does that.
  11. Thegoatman22

    Measurement app

    What android app would people here recommend to measure fence lines for bidding?
  12. Need to install about 200metres of post and rail fencing for stallions - 1.7m high above the ground. Plus 2 gates. Anyone near Leicester? The other option is to install plastic fencing - again anyone interested in this. Thanks, Martin
  13. tepapa

    Badger Fencing

    Depends on what size badger nett your using. Tornado do three sizes so once you've chosen that you can pick the post size to suit. Your spec sounds like it would do the taller netting. I would clip to a top line wire personally but I've only used 2.5mm as that is what I had.
  14. Mooresft

    Badger Fencing

    Dragging a topic up from the dead, what size posts are people using for this? I was thinking 10ft strainers and 8ft inters? also this sagging, would a 3.5mm HT top line with clips hold it up?
  15. tepapa

    Post turner

    Its usually something you make yourself In the workshop from 40*40 box. Don't know of anyone that makes them to sell
  16. haslemerefencing

    Post turner

    Morning, anyone know where I can get a post turner from? (Long forked shaped article to keep rectangular posts straight when driving in)
  17. Fence

    Modification or add on equipment for tracked driver?

    A scabard for the pig popper, a yeti 110,:and Bluetooth.
  18. oregonfarmfencer

    Modification or add on equipment for tracked driver?

    Better yet, a cooler for the summer and a propane stove for the winter.
  19. West Fork Fence

    Modification or add on equipment for tracked driver?

    Dang right there'll be tool boxes. Where else am I going to put my snacks?
  20. oregonfarmfencer

    Modification or add on equipment for tracked driver?

    We don't have a tracked driver, but a simple thing I like on a post driving machine is tool storage. Organized tool storage. Stocked with things like chain strainers, wire cutters, pliers, crimp sleeves, brace pins, etc... Keeps from dragging tools in and out of the truck and keeps them easily accessible. I also like a mounted spinning jenny to pull wire off to build braces with and lay out a guide line.
  21. http://www.farmfencetalk.co.uk/gallery/image/638-img_5691jpg/ As we anxiously await the delivery of our first EVO machine, I've been wondering about any modifications or add on equipment that would increase productivity. What have you added to your machine that has helped increase efficiency? I've been considering a hydraulic driven welder, like this. https://www.zena.net/htdocs/welders/hyd_wld_2nd.shtml
  22. West Fork Fence

    Minimum tractor size for Kinghitter

    https://www.machinerytrader.com/listings/construction-equipment/for-sale/21915969/2017-kubota-kc250hr Built in slew. I've got room in a container leaving the UK on Friday. 😉
  23. West Fork Fence

    Minimum tractor size for Kinghitter

    http://www.farmfencetalk.co.uk/gallery/ There ya go. For what it's worth, I can have a pretty nice second hand tracked driver in your hands for close to that 30k difference. Maybe less, depending on the currency exchange.
  24. West Fork Fence


    Probably the most difficult part, which still wasn't hard, was getting the ends anchored in the proper position. It really didn't take long, once I got started.
  25. West Fork Fence


    Mount bracket.
  26. West Fork Fence


    Easy peasy.
  27. West Fork Fence


    Had to cut off the standard threads, and TIG on the metric ends to match the Yanmar threads.
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