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  3. hello guys i am looking to expand my fencing fleet and currently looking to buy a used tracked post knocker if anyone has one for sale would be great. been looking for a few mouths know and seem to be a rare find second hand. please contact on 07392111529 thanks Ben
  4. Brett


    hi every one. I have recently broken my ancient line wire jenny. What is the best option for replacement. I general use 25kg loose rolls of 2.5 or 3mm ht.. Also looking at new line wire tensioner the type you lever round the post for short runs the draper ones just don't last . Thanks Brett
  5. Hello , I am planing on redoing an existing fence as my wooden corner posts have rotten off . I was wondering if any one knew how large of a diameter steel pipe i would need for my corners . The length of the fence is 600ft for each of the 4 sides . The soil in my location is Mexico silt loam .( im in Missouri ) . I was going to use Woven wire most likely red brand as i don't believe tornado wire is sold at my location ,but i would love to use it (my previous red brand has rusted quite alot over 17years ). I currently have sheep ,but am thinking about getting a cow . If anyone knows the calculations for the steel pipe as well that would be great ! I am currently an engineering major and i find the math interesting as well as reassuring . I was thinking i could use 2 &3/8 Galvanized schedule 40 pipe for my corners,but i have been driving around and i am noticing alot of farmers are using 4" galvanized 1/8 wall ( .125 or 11gauge ) pipe. I also was going to hang a gate on two of the corners . Any information would be great! I can also weld so i should be able to make my own braces . With that being said could anyone explain the difference between the H braces (which i usually see on wood corners) and N braces which im noticing on steel corners . I suspect it has to do with horizontal tension force being applied to the post so that it can redistribute the load so it doesn't get yanked out of the ground by the wire , but am still unsure . One last question How much force would a cow have if it ran into the corner ? Oh the reason i am wanting to use steel corners is because the price for 8" wood posts (8') is nearly 40$ a post and i may as well just spend the money on something that looks nice & will last a long time. -mug
  6. didnt know dewalt made one
  7. Hello everyone, we’re installing some stock fencing as grazing exclosures to prevent our horned sheep accessing some new tree plantings. We need the stock fence to allow the free passing of table birds and layers so they can access both the pasture and the understorey, but need to contain our Jacob sheep. Does anybody have experience of poultry-permeable stock fence and could you recommend any products? We’ve come across pheasant-friendly net... would that be suitable? Any suggestions gratefully received
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