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    West Fork Fence

    Dogs in sheep out

    http://www.tornadowire.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/HT8-80-30-web.pdf Sorry, I posted the wrong link. Is this what you have? The wire will measure what the data sheet says, as Tornado takes great care to meet the standards set. I'm sure a bit of local knowledge will be along soon to answer your specific questions. I'm just killing time while waiting out a thunderstorm about 4,000 miles west of you.
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    fixed knot versus squre knot

    They dont seem to hold up as well to livestock, once they start getting pushed down the whole fence folds down together.
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    fixed knot versus squre knot

    I hate hinge knotts. I hate striping them. I hate how they look after a couple years of livestock pressure, or branches/trees falling on them.
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