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    Hi folks, this is a bit of a cheeky request but am not after your personal trade secrets just general tips regarding stock fencing. As many of you know the late member goaty was my brother and he did the fencing work on the estate where I work, my manager has bought my brothers byrce post knocker with the aim of taking fencing back in hand! My problem is even though I spent time with my brother fencing I never paid any attention to how he set the job up, I just went along with the flow. Any advice how to start fencing would be much appreciated or point me in the right direction that would be great ta. Thanks Mark
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    General tips/advice please

    sorry for the loss of your brother. i suggest that you take a tape measure and a notebook to the estate where your brother built fences and measure the diameter and length/post spacing/ type and height of wire. look at how he terminated the wire at the strainer ends etc. what i am saying is everything you need to know is written in your brothers fence. just observe take notes and copy his efforts. best of luck
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    Driving posts straight ??

    I find short quick punches in hard ground is better I think it puts less stress on the posts . I find long strokes of the hammer can make the posts Spring out of line when you realise the post cap .
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    Ben Fencin

    Driving posts straight ??

    Two big factors are the post being in perfect alignment with the mast and the end of the post under the cap being a square cut. If it's not a square cut and the Post Cap is only impacting one side of the end of the post then it's going to drift
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