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  1. I’m insured with Nfu with just a tracked machine, probably find quite a few on here are in the same situation. im paying around 1k a year for it tho!
  2. Have you had a stick knock it? the bit that screws into the pump is replaceable so might be worth trying that. How much you losing? Just weeping or a flow?
  3. Dragging a topic up from the dead, what size posts are people using for this? I was thinking 10ft strainers and 8ft inters? also this sagging, would a 3.5mm HT top line with clips hold it up?
  4. As per title really we join all of our netting with figure 8 knots unless centre pulling when we use crimps anyway with recent snow (big 8ft plus drifts) we have had two of the joins come apart, all 8 wires have snapped in the knot. had anyone ever had this? thanks Sam
  5. Just picked up a ST400 and was wondering hose lengths you guys are running? also are there any heavy duty hoses and reels?
  6. Never been a massive fan, but currently they are on offer at £220ish for 500. Makes the difference between them and Crimps only £2.40 a standard join. Any horror stories or should I bite the bullet and start using them?
  7. Progress report. So far so good, grips unbelievably. I can work with the weight downhill on pretty steep slopes, and obviously uphill! Will get a few photos of it working! Looking at sticking an auger on it for certain situations, anyone using auger torque? My main niggle is the exhaust, anyone ever moved there's on a rg30? Seem to spend some days breathing fumes!!
  8. Having made the switch, I wouldn't go back. Biggest saver is Labour, no longer Paying someone £10ph to sit on there **** in a tractor. Instead someone is following around strutting and wiring up. Also mess, I will be able to fence 365 days of the year if I wanted, if we get a wet winter I don't have to worry about ruining a farmers field or rutting tracks. It can be seen as a one trick pony, but at the end of the day, I am there to fence, so a machine that specialises in just fencing is what I'm after.
  9. Hooks on the new strainrite gear are flat plate hooks
  10. Id be interested to know what they are charging you? I'm paying about 850 for mine?
  11. just knock in the stakes on the highs and low and put the other line to them
  12. Plus 1 for the mauns, so useful having the plier head for tieing wire etc!
  13. I hope it's wrong, otherwise it's soul destroying
  14. Mooresft


    Day rate or hourly rate, not what suits them best. Rounding up to 8 hours is lieing at the end of the day.
  15. Just my opinion, the moment someone starts trying to cut costs before the job begins its a big no go for me. If they are being awkward and expecting something for nothing, they arent going to be an easy customer. They could have 3 months work for you, but if its three months of patching / scraping by on an hourly rate, is it worth it? Theres a better chance a price pm job will come up when you are already committed there and you will be kicking yourself. To me it sounds like they are after a 'handyman' who is cheap for a reason. Give them a price, and get paid weekly, or leave it well alone!
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