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    G v fencing

    Hi from Cornwall Craig
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    Yeah more than happy to.
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    Hi MandS. Welcome along. I am based down in the coast in South East Cornwall. We will have to meet up some time.
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    Hi From Cornwall Andrew
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    Morning from Cornwall Steve
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    Hello from Cornwall Bertie.
  7. Exactly my thoughts Tepapa. Careful costings , a profit margin and a little luck and we can all make a good living , offering a good service with good kit, using quality materials. Well that's the idea. But it doesn't always work like that for sure.
  8. Was just thinking about Front Rows post. I was speaking to a good mate who is a dairy farmer and back when the prices were really low and people were giving up milk left right and centre. He was losing money each month. His quote was " it seems every one of my suppliers is making a good margin out of my business except me " and when you think about it, it is true. He is obviously governed by his contract price. But we as contractors can set our own price when quoting. Obviously each business has different costs but it was certainly food for thought.
  9. Think you hit the nail on the head front. When I first started on my own over30 years ago. I hated sending invoices and kept the prices as low as possible. Then after a while you get bad payers, breakdowns, **** timber, fencelines not ready when they agreed to do it , the need to replace gear and a load of other costs. Then I started to think hang on a minute. As with any other business there are going to be quite a variety of charges per metre for different contractors as well as different quality. Prime example. Had a farmer ring up for an erecting only job. I priced it but didn't get it as the other contractor was cheaper. Fair enough Luke for long me they were cheaper. I have no problem with that. That is business. Anyway they ran short of wire and he asked me to drop some out one evening. When I went out he was moaning about the fence. And could I look. It was stock proof and tight. I t wasn't pretty but I said to the farmer what do you expect. "I wouldn't criticise it. " You want a top end job for bargain basement prices and the two don't go together. I think a lot depends on your customer base and the area you are in. I know a friend of mine who is a contractor said there ar lot of "contractors " popping up in his area at the moment and are charging stupid rates just to get the work. A totally crazy situation. Fencing is hard work and to do it for little or no reward is mad.
  10. Mr T


    I'm with you guys. If they were employed by you and you sent them home early that's your lookout. But to be self employed and round the hours up after an early finish is taking the mick. I would be concerned what else they may or may not be doing. There's always something they could do. If they are going to be like that I would send them back to the yard and sharpen/clean tools etc etc. I bet if you asked them to push on to finish a job they wouldn't round the hours down !!!
  11. I agree they do seem reasonable. Clearing and repair jobs can be a right pain. Especially if posts have been concreted in. If it was easy and they have access to a post driver they would do it themselves ! That's why they called you in. They want your expertise, tools and hard work. If you are happy with those rates stick to your guns. If they don't want to pay it get someone else. They will be working hard for no reward. I personally think they are the cheap side of reasonable.
  12. Mr T

    Kubota rg30 servicing

    Hi Mooresft. I get my filters locally from a firm called inline filters. You can buy on line just google them. They sell Baldwin filters. The filter codes are BT8844 hydraulic spin on , engine oil B227 , fuel BF940 , air PA3476. Had no problems with these filters. Also if ever you need an exhaust. Try googling GT exhausts they do a pattern part. May not last as long but it was on the shelf and a third the price. Hope this helps.
  13. Mr T

    Fair rate for re posting a fence?

    Call in and have a yarn. Always keen to catch up with a fellow fencer.
  14. Mr T

    Fair rate for re posting a fence?

    Ha ha see your thinking. I'm near the coast about 3 miles from Looe and Polperro.
  15. Mr T

    Fair rate for re posting a fence?

    No Matt I don't we run a valtra and a Protech tracked machine. If it's a same and a Protech on the back it's probably Robert and Malcolm Truscott. They do a lot of work got the Duchy. Top men. We rarely break out over the border !!!! Where abouts on the moor are you ?