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  1. Been giving a pile to the lad when we get home he uses them as target practice with air rifle, go up well if he hits the bottom of canister end up in the scrap pile after .
  2. welcome from mid-Wales hope you find it useful
  3. Spaldings are selling packs of 200 at a special at moment for £90.00 + vat down from £116.33 You can buy online. Can't seem to find any cheaper anywhere else. We have a rep that calls buy
  4. My fencing supplier gave me one of these easy staple pullers to try but it was the mark 1 model [he has modified it since] works okay on soft wood but try taking staples out of old larch stakes or oak posts it would snap the wire sent back for a refund. rather stick to the 5 in 1 fencing tool much better
  5. we purchased a Topcon last year with a digital reader can be used for setting a fall in drains, levelling for concrete and is a one man operation. purchased ours at royal welsh last year they had a good show offer,
  6. Vulcan Fasteners Based in Staffordshire 01785 818494 Or CBL Supplies Ltd based in Telford 01952 581872 We erect a few steel buildings when not fencing and buy from these. they deliver or post out via courier. Not sure where you are based but give them a try.
  7. Leave on farm where possible, but if have to clear from the site we make a small charge for hassle of clearing and itemise on the bill. Then leave a pile to accumulate and take into local scrap merchant, not as good these days no cash all has to go through books. any good stuff use for patching work At least this way were not out of pocket for removing waste.
  8. Have been purchasing some gas on the old internet. type in google ADA Fastfix LTD On their web search put in Pulsa 800 gas cells. £ 23.70 +Vat next day delivery. genuine gas for the st400 hope of some help. Staple gun based on the spit nailer 800 used in construction. for firing nails into concrete and steel.
  9. Hi Matt welcome from sunny Mid Wales. Huw.
  10. Finished one job this afternoon, not officially starting back till 3rd but got some fencing to do at home next week so the kids can give me a hand good way of spending time with them over Xmas and keep me out of the wife's way.
  11. Welcome aong from wales, hope you find forum usefull as I have
  12. We have done some for narrow gaged railway specked like this but after discusing with the railway we sugesed that wire first and rails after would be a better job and look a loot neater they agreed. As to why wire on top most probably someone in office that has never fenced before and got no practical knowlage of fencing.
  13. Ford 7840SLE or 8340SLE very reliable getting on a bit very litle to go wrong with these models ran a 7840 for many years .I know these models will clock high hours and fairly cheep to repair as not many electics in them . Or a newholland TS115 SLE very reliable this replaced the 7840. as you gather im a Blue man at heart. above mentioned ar six cylider and around the 110 hp + will handle a post knocker with ease.
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