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  1. Hi If the wires are vertical - low voltage, you need to be a minimum of 1m away If they are horizontal - 11kva or 33 kva you need to be a minimum of 3m away If working under the wires the machinery needs to be restricted to stop before reaching the limits we managed to shorten the rope on the vector knocker to stop it reaching the 3m limit, dont think it would reach the top of a deer stake we wern't allowed to work under the wires in rain ,fog,or mist Hope this is usefull
  2. Great to see how you do it over the water One day i will get over & see it for real Thanks
  3. Try GBN (Galvanised nuts & bolts) You need to be exact with your spec M12 x 175mm csh + nuts & form G washer (example) 0121 602 3333 These are construction threaded hot dip galvanised
  4. Wait till you get to 56 it gets worse My suggestion Find someone younger to fit the old nail bag
  5. Hi Henry Three man team 2m high x 3 panels, hand mixing,loader & auger 110m per day I charge between £7/m & £10/m Hope this is useful
  6. Hi Never made a top notch job, but had best results by putting up HT strained wire on stakes. Wire spaceing to match the wire spaceing on the chestnut, Hang the chestnut on the wire fence using stainless steel weldmesh clips but leave space next to the posts to allow for staining the chestnut. Keep the palins off the ground so they dont rot so quick, pull the chestnut to the stakes & staple to the posts as you go . At least you have a good wire fence to back up the chestnut
  7. Hey up lads Been following you all for a while now, thought I need to introduce myself I Am Andy Ward of A W fencing, I have been fencing for about 35 years now but started working mainly for one company about 20 years ago. we get out and about on proper job now and again its good to get out into a field to put a run of ht8/80/15 stocknet. we get involved with projects from16m high golfball nets to 15m long pedestrian bridges. I am a bit compooter iliterate so you might not hear a lot from me, Andy Ward
  8. Hey up Sounds like the Mark Hibberd I Knew many years ago I will get round to Making my self known to you all on day Compooter not my strong point Andy Ward
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