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  1. didnt know dewalt made one
  2. Hello guys, What straining clamps are you using i have a steel one which we bolt together but i was looking for a better solution really.Has anyone used two bits of timber succesfully? Im thinking the wood would bite better and stop the slipping when pulled with the tractor.
  3. Some good ideas here.I have a laser level which for some reason we havent used for gate hanging.How do you use it for marking the posts?
  4. How does everyone hang double gates.We have done a lot over the years we happened to be doing some wooden drive gates and somehow it took a long time.It was a tidy job when we were done but sorry no pictures as we had to finish in the dark (shortage of materials by the customer) Thanks for any replys guys.
  5. Good morning fencers, We have been doing some varied jobs lately on the fencing front which is good and makes a refreshing change.It does make pricing for the different specs more interesting though!! Yesterday we had to take down a three strand barb fence and roll up the wire and collect up all the old stakes then put up a new three strand high tensile barb fence.Im thinking with materials this job wants to be near the £5 a metre with me supplying the wire and all posts and stakes dipped in creosote.Any thoughts on metre rates or hourly rates guys.Thanks.
  6. Hello guys not posted lately so i thought i better put some input in.I have some beta small bolt cutters they are really good and can cut strong wire.They arent cheap but i have had them a few years now.I think beta tools are pretty good in general by the looks of them.
  7. Its always a pain dealing with materials.I buy a 7.5 tonne load of different materials of my supplier then try to put them in nice lines outside so i can either load with pallet tines or if just a couple i load by hand.I do mostly creosote the bottom half of all materials and charge a bit for doing it but it does complicate the process as the material needs to be dry so they have to be put in the shed for a while.
  8. tommy7840

    june 16 006

    hello i do dip them in proper coal tar creosote its good stuff!! i do mix in some diesel and old engine oil it makes it go farther.i think it wants to be a bit more than 30p for the hassle its a bit of work.I put them in the shed to dry out then i dip them for a few days then put them in another barrel to dry then i stack them in a stillage.I was thinking it wants to be at least 50p to a £1
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