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  1. I put a wanted ad up and had a few responses. I ended up picking up mine with a lightweight bateson for less than half of a new evo. I have found that tight corners can be a bit of a pain but with a bit of moving about and utilising the 800mm sideshift you get them in the end.
  2. Bit of an update on this........... bit the bullet about 6 weeks ago and bought a P22 contractor RG30 and within an hour of fencing with it decided the tractor was going to be sold! the benefits far outweigh the few small cons and im definitely not missing jumping in and out of the tractor all day when working on my own.
  3. We use more t-clips than gripples, only really use gripples on short runs where we cant afford to lose tension as you would with a crimp and on box strainers but we wrap after them. have been getting more and more dodgy ones of late that don't seem to hold tension and have had the bodys on a few crack a few weeks after installation - i'll always use a crimp given the choice - looks neater too.
  4. Tentman like you it's the investment of £ that puts me off the most! can be scary when you add up the value of tools and machinery sitting in the yard! I've got a kubota u17 with auger drive and a p10 that I love to hate - Using that had put me off digger mounted drivers massively
  5. Thanks Charlie, I did see the Valera - looked a weapon! On another note - apologies to admin - I've put this in the wrong forum! ????
  6. Im currently running my 120hp massey and a P200s - 240kg with rockspike and am finding I could do with bigger thumper - more mast height, bit more outreach etc etc.... BUT I am finding im doing a lot of back and forth getting materials and machinery to jobs and when im on my own getting in and out of tractor is killing my knees (I have a habit of jumping out of the cab!) RG30 based set ups are getting on a bit now and a friend of mine who used to work for cautrac has informed me that parts are getting harder and harder to source so that leaves the likes of evo 1's or building a new conversion as Bryce are too heavy (I would probably tow with tractor most of the time but would be handy if it could go behind the truck if the need arose) to put it simply - are they worth the $$ over a tractor mounted set up? would those who have bought one be able to go back to tractor set up? also does anyone know the weight difference between a sideshift evo and a slew model??
  7. from what ive read the lightweight bateson that is almost specially made for the purpose is best avoided. numerous people have had issues with bent axles.
  8. We did some natural England work last summer - it would seem they don't really have a clue!
  9. I generally find that out Digga PDD will work its way through roots gradually as long as they're not on the centre of the flight, just have to take it out of the hole fairly regularly to take the shavings off. its slow going but still better than busting through with a bar! Other than tungsten tips i don't think my flights are anything out of the ordinary.
  10. another one here for knipex but to be fair ive not tried felco's
  11. change my old one last summer for a self levelling unit, cant remember the name but its a subsidiary to leica, bought it from Frank Howard Tools (they have an online shop) came in at 350 plus the vat and we've been really pleased with it. it can also be turned on its side to give a vertical plane. We use for arenas and double gateways. As Pete said you cant often beat a humble stringline for setting out, proved many a "professional" wrong over the years.
  12. people (customers) really don't seem to recognise the direct link between professional machinery/labour and productivity/standard of work do they?! i think id rather stay at home and tidy the yard then ever use a parmiter again.
  13. If you're selling it I might be interested ????
  14. the lengths people will go to ! when you find who it is send them to my yard - ive got a pile of stuff used stuff off an old pipeline they're welcome to!!
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