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  1. haslemerefencing

    Protect post knocker hydraulic leak

    Cheers for the replys
  2. haslemerefencing

    Protect post knocker hydraulic leak

    When using the knocker it’s a pretty much constant drip. Doesn’t drip if it’s not using knocker hydraulics. I’ve had the Lott apart and replaced the washer no luck there.
  3. haslemerefencing

    Protect post knocker hydraulic leak

    Hi guys hope someone can help. My rg30 machine has an annoying leak, see pic. Tighten it, but doesn’t seem to make any difference. should there be a washer in there? (There never has been). Reluctant to over tighten, but maybe I’m not tightening it enough?
  4. haslemerefencing

    Post turner

    Morning, anyone know where I can get a post turner from? (Long forked shaped article to keep rectangular posts straight when driving in)
  5. haslemerefencing

    Deer gates in Tsw

    Hi, looking for a supplier, preferably in the south or a treated soft wood deer gate (5 bar style). So 6ft high, 12ft wide
  6. haslemerefencing

    Chestnut posts for deer fencing

    Yes, I'd does / can split, make sure tops of posts are square, even if they split, they'll last longer than spruce,
  7. haslemerefencing

    Ranger or Isuzu

    Hi front row, do Toyota do 3500kg tow?
  8. haslemerefencing

    Ranger or Isuzu

  9. haslemerefencing

    chestnut pailing

    We're in chestnut country here! The best way to put it up is buy the best, call Steve Homewood (Homewood fencing in Haslemere), they make it and the pales are good quality. Next, roll it out and attach it to something solid, tree etc, and pull it even by hand. Then drag it and flip it up to the stakes, (The dragging helps pull it out square.) To tension I use 2 x ratchet straps one on the top by the wire, 1 by the bottom give it a 6 clicks, then go along the line lifting and dropping it, then another couple of clicks on the ratchets until your happy, with a ratchet on top and bottom you can give the bottom a few more if needed or the top. To get pails straight. I cant stress enough how important good pailing is, the cheap thin stuff is almost impossible to put up! Other then you can do is build a post and rail frame and in essence "clad" it with paling
  10. haslemerefencing

    Ranger or Isuzu

    My dad had a 4 track,,, very good, and great towing!
  11. haslemerefencing

    Tracked Postdriver progress thread..

    I'm planning mounting my quick fencer on a tracked matching (I've got a protech on rg30) Anyone done that as a separate project interested in practicalities?
  12. haslemerefencing

    Ranger or Isuzu

    Hi guys planning for next pick up,,, I'm looking at either ranger 3.2, or Isuzu. I want 3.5t towing,, not for everyday, but as an occasional back up. Obviously want 4wd, it's also my car so opinions on ride quality, not interested in any landrover/discos as need to chuck the odd bit of materials in the back. Any other thoughts, opinions ideas?
  13. haslemerefencing

    Price per meter

    We find pricing really varyies down south. On stock fencing there are so few of us in the area with the right gear you can find yourself up against guys doing it by hand. But if you've got loads on you can creep the price up, and visa versa
  14. haslemerefencing

    Which tractor?

    Cheers all, it certainly wouldn't be a daily driver, I'd think a couple of times a month, maybe once a week, so budget reflects that, we may add a knocker in time (baring in mind we already have a tracked machine)
  15. haslemerefencing

    Which tractor?

    Brilliant, thanks all. Local fitter recommended a case 5140 etc, I'd thought the jd3050, I'll keep an open mind and look at those mentioned, anyone any experience of fastrac 1135 ?