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  1. I bought them because I had a client for them, but I still have some left over and didn't ask what he was using them for. I appreciate you worrying on my behalf, but please don't lose sleep over me, I'll manage somehow Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello again, Don't want to create new topics, but I need some advice again. Got some 2.4m x 200mm and 150mm machine rounds. Where are they mostly used in fencing ?
  3. Thanks for all the replies guys, I really do appreciate your input and it really helps me. I'll be concentrating more on local farmers. I believe our price is correct as I have yet to find a better retail price for the same product.
  4. Do you use them often, Tepapa ? Or do your customers tend to use the 50mm - 75mm width ?
  5. Hi again gents, I've been married to, against my own will, 15 pallets of 1.65m x 85mm UC4 machine rounds. Now I've been trying to sell them to chicken, rabbit and other small critter farms, tree plant companies etc. I'm really at a loss to where else could these be used. Any and all advice would be kindly appreciated! Thanks!
  6. What about these regulations regarding creosote? Since 30 April 2003 retailers can no longer sell creosote and coal tar creosote wood preservatives to the general public in Great Britain Since 30 June 2003 general public can no longer use creosote and coal tar creosote wood preservatives in Great Britain
  7. You guys will give me paranoia. All this time I thought I'm helping the customers out with introducing them to UC4 treated posts, and they'll be happy with a sturdy fence for 15 years. I'm expecting a lot of angry phone calls in a couple years time.
  8. If it doesn't work why are they marketing it with a 15 year guarantee? Could the process that is the issue? Plants using tanalith products trying to save money and not doing the job properly. Instead of using vacuum chambers, and then pressurising the timber, they just dip it and let it dry.. I've read that some creosote posts have the same issue, not enough penetration in the wood, I tend to believe that if the impregnation process is done properly without any shortcuts or money-saving tactics, the product should stand as advertised. On the other note, they still use tanalith C, the arsenic one, in Africa as it's the only thing dettering the termites. And this newer Tanalith E product is supposed to be the supplement for arsenic one in the western markets.
  9. Ours is fully certified with a 15 year guarantee. I believe everyone gets the same conditions from their suppliers. But yeah, I agree with your point. Now the question that begs answering is, is there a grading system for UC4 products to deduct which ones are of good quality impregnation and which ones are just straight up ****. Can you tell the visible difference?
  10. Well, we only ever traded in creosoted machine rounds, but have the option with our supplier to creosote any and all production that's in our supply range. I could post you our prices, but need confirmation from the admins if that's allowed. I think the prices differ region to region due to accesibility to manufacturers, competition between suppliers and many other factors. But twice the price compared to UC4 doesn't sound reasonable, well maybe your UC4 price is super good, that is also a possibility.
  11. Could you private message me the price on the quote you got for creo ? I'm intrigued, as our creo prices differ about 10-15% from UC4 prices. Some positions can go up to 25%, but that's the highest.
  12. But isn't creosote banned from using in livestock enclosures? Or did I hear wrong? Due to its toxicity, plus the chemicals in creo posts are absorbed by the soil and ends up in the grass around them. All in all it's nasty stuff, but is it really that much more expensive than tanalith? It's only about 10-15% more than the average tanalith product, well maybe when you take quantities in to account it does add up.
  13. That's exactly what I've heard, fences falling apart after half of their life expectancy. We've been reaffirmed by our supplier that the impregnation process has improved of the last few years and also provided with certificates for the 15 year guarantee bit, but we're still a bit wary. It's nice to have people who've been in the business for a healthy period of time and know the gig share their experiences so thanks for that! I'll satisfy your curiosity, but can't promise we can even make a dent in M&M's prices as they are out of our league when it comes to size and experience. Tadas
  14. What advertising channels do you guys use for your services?
  15. Hello Gentlemen, We're trading in UC4 tanalised production, but recently we've started noticing that fencers opinion on tanalith is rather poor and they started working more with creosote. Also some fencers said that tanalized posts don't last the 15 years advertised and have to be replaced every 5-10 years. We'd just like to know the general consensus on which is better ? Why do you prefer one or another? Thanks!
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