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  1. Folly Fencing

    Trailer for tracked knocker

    What trailer do you use to stay legal whilst towing a protech tracked machine? They weight about 2.5/2.7 tons if I'm correct which doesn't leave too much room on 3.5t. Thanks
  2. Folly Fencing

    New Member

    Welcome Bertie
  3. Folly Fencing

    Auger Flights

    What augers are you guys using? Hand held or machine mounted?
  4. Folly Fencing

    Tracked rammer

    I think L200's have a max towing capacity of 2900kgs (depending on year), whereas the new Isuzu Dmax/land rovers will tow. 3500kg. A extra 600kgs towing capacity is the weight of a decent trailer. Surely if you are towing for your business you'd make sure that it's legal.
  5. Folly Fencing

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    Hello Nick, I'm trying to private message you but I'm unable to.
  6. Folly Fencing

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    Thank you. I'm from Bedford.
  7. Folly Fencing

    New member

    Hello all. Have just joined, an absolute newbie to agriculture fencing looking forward to learning the best techniques and tips. I would like to (when I have more of an idea) set up a small business eventually of my own.