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  1. wfencing

    Battery Chainsaw

    Anyone using battery chainsaws. Are they any good and can they work in rain
  2. Have to agree. Took a while to get around idea of cost but wouldn't go back either and If labour lets u down u can fence away on ur own for a day
  3. wfencing

    Professional Fencing Specifications Workshop

    Wouldn't mind it also. Always wondered what it was hiding.....
  4. wfencing

    track postdiver pros and cons

    After starting this topic and lots of thought went for evo 2. Arrived this week. Just used it for 4 days but seems great so far. Glad I went for it
  5. wfencing

    Digger post drivers

    My last bobcat had a free flow return lever but e45 like yours does not. Dealer says ok . My protech on digger has no valve block just straight to ram and with proportional control works smoothly
  6. wfencing

    Spring Grip Wire Strainer

    Anyone know of a uk supplier for Australian made spring grip wire stainers
  7. wfencing

    track postdiver pros and cons

    Been looking on utube evo 1s. looks good machine
  8. wfencing

    track postdiver pros and cons

    can a p 22 a swing around. have a shelbourne ppd 300 and would want something to match the movements
  9. wfencing

    track postdiver pros and cons

    Does tracks and under carriage last ok with all tracking about. Not always doing big jobs but like idea that i can post away while other man doing something else. Just the £30000+ slowing up decision but thanks for information
  10. wfencing

    Mini Digger size

    Also work with bobcat e45 . Changed from 3 ton. extra weight and reach makes big differance if u also have ground work to do. But find auger will still stop in tough going
  11. wfencing

    track postdiver pros and cons

    I was thinking of changing my postdriver to something like protech 400 but now I'm thinking of giving track postdriver a look. Has anyone any advice - pros and cons etc?