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  1. Has anyone got any experience of vicebite stay brackets. Just seen them on you tube and the idea looks good. Quick and also no notching out the post so not breaking treated seal. Are they any good though. Anyone know much about them.
  2. Yeah had the machine a few months now and pretty impressed with it. I’m more impressed the braver I get. Had it in some tricky spots and so far always got back out again. Don’t use leg much to be honest as machine is pretty stable on its own but at same time now it’s on I would rather have it. Usually in quite a precarious position when I do need it. But it’s mostly just used when lifting rock spike out ground. All in all very pleased with it and pretty sure I made right choice for my own situation.
  3. Goaty. People holding you back chatting Especially the ones that did a fence once and insist on telling you all about there whole one fence experience like they can teach you something even though you do it all day everyday.
  4. Not a good day for me to answer that question. Just been at a job today. 115m. 9 strainer posts. 4 of which were right angle turns. 12 stays. 4 joins of rylock round strainer posts and 4 pulls of net. Longest stretch had a gate in middle of it.keeping net tight is a nightmare. Would do a decent 500m stretch quicker. But you rylock joining round posts and rolls together without gripples etc is pretty much same here. Never timed it to minute but I'll be around that depending on temperature of my hands
  5. If Scotland get independence I'll go just to get out of here
  6. Steve Yeah and I'll be moving south of it if it happens. Don't think it will though. Most people I speak to up here are sick of her
  7. The trumeter land wheel ( not road wheel) is probably as good as you'll get for field and hill ground. I ran over mine recently with pickup and got a near new one on eBay for £23. Had to keep checking eBay for a while for one to come up but saved over £200 on a new one
  8. Yeah as I say I'm sure if it needed one it would have been fitted by now. Marooka based protech should be a sound machine Henry. If it's same one solo use you should be able to get track grips if you need them
  9. Mooresft Sorry never noticed your question at end. Yes I work myself
  10. Yeah funny the rockspike with no leg is a bit of a head scratcher to be honest. Iv asked Simon from solotrak about it and he assures me he's never felt the need for it and none of his customers have ever came back asking for one. He seems a pretty switched on guy so I can only assume if it was needed after all this time he or at least some of his customers would have felt the need and he would have it fitted by now. When the mast is down it's on the ground and acts as a leg. It's when mast is full up and hammer at top I'm wary of. However can only give it a go. If you see a thread on here in a few months called solotrak don't have a leg to stand on you'll know I'm not a happy bunny.
  11. Moore aft Field test would be one way to liven up top gear. My problem with decision making was what field. Iv spoke a lot about steep terrain but I'm not actually always hanging of a cliff. Do a lot of flat and rolling ground on dairy and beef/sheep farms. Which I have to be honest I think I'd have chosen Bryce if that's all I did. But terrain changes quickly here from flat dairy farm to rough steep forest and hill country. I need a machine that does both well rather than one that excels in one area. Interesting point about blade saving you only once to have paid for itself. As above all else that all but finished the Bryce for me
  12. Hi Matt Well hopefully the answer to your question is a lot. Iv finally decided which machine I'm going for and that's my children's inheritance now spent again. Iv been on this topic all week like a woman in a sho shop trying to make my mind up. Thanks all for your feedback it's been both helpful and interesting. After all considered I think Iv chose what's right for my own circumstances. And delivery time has also been a factor as I pretty much need it pronto. Not a lot between them but after asking blade or mast leg. Wide track option or track grips and so on Iv decided the one for me is going to be solotrak. Mainly due to no blade on Bryce and delivery time. Rightly or wrongly Iv made my choice and pretty confident I won't be disappointed. Hopefully this thread has been of some use to others or will be in future. Thanks for all advice specially Steve and tepapa.
  13. Not so bad then if track wear isn't really a major worry. With what your saying sounds like it way less of a concern than tractor tyres
  14. Track price is a good point actually. But iv not done much research into running costs of machines. I know everyone will be different depending on terrain but roughly how long do they last on average. Anyone got any horror stories or anything in particular that's sore on the tracks
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