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  1. Fall Fence Forum October 18th and 19th, Worthington, IN. Fencing competition with $1,000 first prize. Come along and pit your skills against the best ag fencers in the land! Live commentary from Stoney Ridge Farmer. Representatives from Strainrite Fencing Systems, Protech Machinery, Tornado wire, Millom, and STOCKade will also be attending to answer any of your questions, as well as receive any feedback you have to offer. Meet up with other professional agricultural fencing contractors, grab a bargain with our event discounts on tools, wire and machinery, and get your hands on some new and exciting equipment! Hog roast on the evening of Friday the 18th, so bring a lawn chair and swap tips and fencing stories around the fire. Sign up here: https://www.tornadowire.com/fff-sign-up/
  2. Morning everyone, Just to let you know the vote for the best calendar photo will be opening shortly. Voting closes at midnight on Sunday (26th November). Please head over to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TornadoWireLtd/ to cast your vote. Thanks.
  3. Congratulations from the Tornado team go to Dairy Farmer Phil Davies and winner of the ‘Guess the number of staples in the jar’ competition we held at Lamma show. Phil’s guess was a remarkable 3 staples away from the actual figure (guess- 2589, actual number 2586) and Hilary went over to North Wales to present him with a STOCK-ade ST400i staple gun. Phil is very generously GIVING his prize to his contractor friend Dei Williams, who also entered the competition. Dei does a lot of work for Phil and Phil is hoping to be able to borrow the gun from time to time!
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