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  1. Now I’ve got my new tracked post knocker I need to get it insured so wondering who you all use? I use to use nfu for my previous tracked machine but now I no longer have a tractor to insure they will not insure it on its own. All replies much appreciated.
  2. Very possibly..... just wanted to make sure it was on similar line to what others are paying for theirs...
  3. Bryce hd180 £670 the vector track is around £375
  4. Bought new tracked knocker last week, phoned nfu today to insure it with the other tracked knocker that they already insure, for some reason the new machine is nearly twice the price to insure...... does anyone on here insure their knockers with anyone other than nfu?? Thanks in advance.
  5. Anyone know of the cheapest place to buy nuts and bolts? Same as nuts and bolts used on top band of wooden field gate but need to be minimum of 7" long, phase 1 of job they are for requires 4000 nuts, bolts and washers, so obviously don't want to be paying more than we need to...... Thanks in advance
  6. After some help / advice...... we have today been give the go ahead on our biggest job to date, it is a new client and they have asked for me to draw up a contract to protect them as well as us..... we have not had to do this before for previous jobs so am a bit in the dark, has anyone any templates or points that need to be included? Thanks In advance, Henry
  7. I used 5' net last week did the job perfect have got a couple of pictures on phone but no idea how to upload them on here
  8. The fence line is 4500 metres and the whole line follows the road for the duration but I'm going to take a good look at it Monday and then touch base with the insurance company to see if we need any other additional cover
  9. After some advice - have a site meeting next week for a pretty large job, the fence line runs parallel to an A road but is on average 10m back from the carriageway, other than warning signs in place is there anything else that needs to be taken into consideration? There would be quite a bit of activity with diggers and tractors clearing then digger and post knocker erecting fence behind......
  10. As topic title suggests, I've been asked to quote for future works on 2 large estates but they have asked for risk assessments, I've not had to do this in the past so am asking if anyone has any templates or pointers...... thanks in advance
  11. Thank you much appreciated
  12. It's www.paramountsteelfence.co.uk
  13. Morning all, after some quick advice on v mesh fencing - been asked to quote to install this 1.8m high fence for someone who we do a lot of work for, I've not installed this before but looks pretty straight forward I'm after advice from people who have and to give an idea of what 2 of us should be able to achieve in a day on a pre cleared fence line, and how much per meter we should charge? 1 other thing quote has to be sent tomorrow...... many thanks in advance.
  14. Straight forward job £3.50 per metre
  15. At end of day all machines are different just like their operators.... horses for courses..
  16. I plan to visit Protech next week to spec a machine up but to be built on a marooka dumper, Bryce was the outright leader for a while but not adapting a machine put pay to that, solo trak was second in line but a few things there I can't get my head around and over come at minute so I think after speaking with Protech they have a nose in front....
  17. Apologies but I'm sure every1 knows when I say solo it's refers to solotrak as the post suggests.....
  18. Another option is to maybe have the base dumper as a marooka and get Protech build on that...... they more than happy to build it to your spec
  19. I've got the fixed model vector track machine at min very good machine works and works and works all day every day, but the new style at lamma was far to clumsy and bulky for me
  20. Bryce was the winner for me, in my opinion it had best build quality, simple mast and been around many years so very well proven, but wanted / needed a larger post rack and front blade, the larger post rack is needed as there is no mid point to put posts...... but the answe was no, everybody wants their machine to how they want it , not as it comes off the shelf, I'm strongly considering keeping what I have to!! Yes the solo has wire rope
  21. That's the model I was looking at, but did think the same thing, didn't know if it could be specked to be built with greater strength? It would of been helpful if solo track had a completed machine on show, I would prefer a rope to the wire rope they use,
  22. I'm in same boat, solo or Bryce..... I looked at both at lamma, the Bryce definitely had the better build look to it, since lamma I've been in touch with Bryce to ask them if they can tailor the machine a little more to me..... front blade and a larger post carrying cradle on the front and the answer was no as every 180 pro is to be built the same..... which has put me off tbh, I had a close look at Protech at lamma and he is happy to build any machine around the operator just how you want it, in my opinion this is a very big plus....... Protech could be the way forward so long as build quality is good....
  23. Google digger tree sheer I've seen these being used and I think that could solve your problem........
  24. Dont know a lot about them tbh just heard they know about masseys.....
  25. Quick question, why is it that stock net applied to the post and rail fencing after the rails have been nails to the posts? Ie, wire on the face of the rails? Why not put the wire behind the bottom rails or behind the posts??
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