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  1. tepapa


    Welcome. How do you get on with the fence pro?
  2. There will be a crack in the casing, on the lime green bit, coming away from the threads, unfortunately it is terminal and you will need a new pump. its a common fault on that pump.
  3. I have a sthil one, biggest out of the three options. They're great tools, the sthil one seems fine to use in the rain and I've not had any issues but have heard the husquvarna ones can stop if they get wet and need time to dry out. You just need to remember to charge the battery at night.
  4. Depends on what size badger nett your using. Tornado do three sizes so once you've chosen that you can pick the post size to suit. Your spec sounds like it would do the taller netting. I would clip to a top line wire personally but I've only used 2.5mm as that is what I had.
  5. Its usually something you make yourself In the workshop from 40*40 box. Don't know of anyone that makes them to sell
  6. I would rather use hinge knot over torus. Torus is easy and quick to strip the verticals and pulls up well but the square knot is not as strong IMO. It moves out of place too easily if pushed down, i can't see the fence lasting/looking as good long term. We don't use much titan fixed knot in the UK, purely down to cost, farmer knowledge and availability although I do think it is the best knot available. It is a strong knot and combines the one piece vertical found in torus. Just need Tornado wire to make a T8/90/30 at a reasonable price
  7. Hi joe. What is covered by your training program?
  8. Never heard that chicken/rabbit nett is leathal. Plenty of rabbit nett is used to keep rabbits out of planted woodlands and hedges. The electric will keep the horses off the fence along as you keep power in the wire. If you just wanted to add proper netting to the existing fence I would put up tornado HT/8/80/8. The 8 cm spacing which would be safe for horses and sheep and stop them eating the hedge. Being only 80 cm would fit on the 90 cm gap
  9. Now you see why we think their useless. Tie a knot or crimp is the only way.
  10. Maybe that's where I been going wrong. . Have hardly ever used them, and refuse to now so won't get a chance to figure it out.
  11. cant agree with that, wait till they start failing and fences start falling down. Quick on the day you use them but consistently poor.
  12. As far as buying a new knocker. Track machines are light years ahead in terms of efficiency. It is hard starting off when you don't have an established customer base, you think buying a tractor is versatile and can go do other jobs. I started with a tractor knocker and after 3 years upgraded to a track machine and the difference was amazing. I learnt I had worked harder putting up less m/day with the tractor whilst not using it for any other type of work whilst i was quiet. What i would say is that you only need to worry about keeping to the finance payments every month, not the total cost of the machine. If it doesn't work out you will have a unique fencing machine to sell with no other competition and plenty of other fencers that are interested but want to see one working or don't want the hassle to import themselves. The market is hardly saturated with second hand tracked knockers. As long as you have the skills to build a quality fence you should get plenty of work.
  13. A prototype, you would have seen a proper one but he sent it to Australia
  14. Tornado's fencing comp at the NSA is on Wednesday 18th July, at the Three counties showground, Malvern, Worcestershire. All of the UK manufacturers will be there and most of the top UK fencers that run the machines day in day out if you wanted to speak to the guys that use them.
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