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  1. Vicebite stay brackets

    I used to use them. They are quick and don't break the treatment seal as you say. Only stopped as i got better at mortising and it was a cost I couldn't easily pass on to the customer as the competition were just notching with a chainsaw, so no added cost. Easy to use, just cut angle on stay and hammer on, only downside is there isn't much hold against rotation but easily reduced if off setting wire and footing strainer. The importer sold out but Moncaster products (i think) have taken it on had a shipment in. Their good to use on a temporary fences, no damage to strainer and easy to remove.
  2. Air hose for staple gun

    Think hose is about 30m. Which will do 60m if compressor is in the center. You don't need heavy duty, cheap light hoses are easier to use and if their cheap you can replace if leaking.
  3. gripples

    Seen plenty of grippled fences unzipped, they don't take well to collision. At least you can guarantee crimps will hold.
  4. gripples

    I wouldn't touch gripples, I know their easy and quick the day you use them but they fail far too easy and that's if they haven't pushed their guts out when you put them on. Much rather use the strainrite crimps to join, 100% strength of the wire.
  5. Figure 4 knott

    You can only really tie a figure 8 in loose wire which will tighten as you tension the wire. To join wire under tension with a figure 8 its probably better doing a Tex brown (look up in the strainrite bids) which a variant of the figure 8.
  6. Even with average runs they pay their way as long as you have them working 5 days a week.
  7. It took you an hour to realise!, what where you doing drinking tea? They are a big leap forward in fencing efficiency and productivity aren't they. Your hips and knees will thank you.
  8. G v fencing

    Welcome along, north' mid or south?
  9. Farmer-Fence builder

    Go for one with a slew. Beware of the fine detail in the spec. E.g. protech and Bryce will fit a blade, but is it really a blade or more of a parking brake. Their both very shallow and located underneath. Where as a solotrak has a blade deep enough to bulldoze and is located In front so you can see what your blading. If you want to work in steep country look at the balance of the machine. It wants to be equal front and back.
  10. Farmer-Fence builder

    Lamma is UK's premier ag machinery show on 17 and 18 Jan 2018 this coming year i n Peterborough. All UK post knocker manufacturers will be in one place if you wanted to get to talk to them all about their machines. They would know who's machines you could go and see working in the field.
  11. Farmer-Fence builder

    I'm with west fork fence on this one. I started out with tractor knocker, as a new business if things got quiet (and they did) the tractor was versatile and you could do other jobs. I didnt though and knocker stayed on. Three years later I had a used but mechanically sound knocker sat in the yard that had depreciated a lot!. Would have been better buying a track machine to start with and if things went tits up its there to sell.
  12. Post cap

    Did you make any improvements or just copy like for like?
  13. Farmer-Fence builder

    Never used one but the knockers look alright, especially the higher spec tractor mounted. But I saw one of their tracked knocker in a show this summer and I wasn't impressed, there are better designed machines available. Think they do different ones though so could just be a bad one.
  14. Jobs

    @Charliehubwould be the man to speak to.
  15. Goaty

    Rob, Look in the tornado professional contractors feedback area, titled goaty.