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  1. You can use an exchange of letters. You write them a letter on headed paper, stating what you are providing, the quantities, the price, thedelivery times and payment terms. They write you a letter accepting your letter and its terms, etc
  2. Could you use your post rammer to lift them into place? https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=494781737378111&id=184387178417570&__tn__=C
  3. No V-Notch posts and Arris rails round your way???
  4. Do your due diligence on QF tractors before going too far.... as you would with any dealer of course.
  5. Have you had a look at the post cap rather than the mast? We have a cast steel Bryce cap that has gotten worn with time so now hangs ever so slightly sharper angle and binds. It's a heavy cap which doesn't help. I tried welding a strip of steel inside the channel of the cap to pack it out so it sits plumb again but it was too much and won't even fit back on. It needs taking to the machine shop in town to be built up with weld and then machined back down. But like everything, it has been put to one side and a real old welded cap put on and stayed on
  6. No chance of changing them over to 4ft Horse Net? Be faster, easier, tighter and stronger
  7. OK no worries. I was trying to understand how you twist the 6x3 rock spike.
  8. Sorry I didn't word that very well. I was wondering how you keep the rock spike and it's subsequent pilot hole square with the line. The Bryce rock spikes I have seen have a round shaft and round top. Wondered how the 6x3 twister was able to rotate this?
  9. How do you twist the rock spike Steve?
  10. Hi Nick, The link for the promotional offer doesn't work for me, comes up with an error that I don't have permision to view that forum. The same happened with the link Malcolm used eslewhere.....
  11. http://www.farmfencetalk.co.uk/topic/538-2016-nsa-fencing-competition/?do=findComment&comment=4712 All the best to those competing
  12. I think there is approximately 125 40x4 staples to the kilo?
  13. Thr chap stapling up in the UK segment looks a bit dodgey if you ask me....
  14. Hi, We have a 216. It's a handy tool in the right ground but has fairly low limits. Will drive a 9 inch auger in clay, chalk and loose ballast type ground. But no good in compacted flints or stiff ground with flints, the auger jams and blows the relief valve. Because it is quite lightweight, if auger ing on a slope you want to be uphill bearing down on the auger. If you are downhill of the hole, you can't get any weight on the auger so have to climb on top for some weight transfer! It is handy for moving materials about the site. Can load 40 arris rails in the tool carrier or hook a small trailer on and drag that around. Stuart Coar at Kanga is a nice chap, give him a call and he might come out for a demo or recommend one in your area to go see. Hope it works out for you
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