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  1. Thegoatman22

    Battery Chainsaw

    I used a sthil one once, it was awesome, very impressed. But dont know about the rain.
  2. Thegoatman22

    Measurement app

    I just downloaded it to try it, but it does not have great reviews
  3. Thegoatman22

    Measurement app

    What android app would people here recommend to measure fence lines for bidding?
  4. Thegoatman22

    Tying small box wires

    I have started using the t gripples for the top and bottom line, because I hate to tie that thicker wire, especially on the bottom line. But it would be like 20 bucks to die off no climb with t gripples
  5. Thegoatman22

    One man augers

    I was looking at their towable, you think this one is better. How does it react when it hits rocks and roots.
  6. Thegoatman22

    One man augers

    Funny funny, I know, but that wont fo some of the places I go either. We are very forested here and people like their trees.
  7. Thegoatman22

    One man augers

    I am looking at maybe getting a one man hydraulic tow behind auger. What is your alls opinion on them. I need something that will dig in hard clay better, but can get places a tractor cant, mostly due to width. I have the sthil br 131 right now.
  8. Thegoatman22

    Rates for fencing

    I charge 1.50 a ft for year out, I look at the job and bid the expected time to brush clear typically.
  9. Thegoatman22

    fixed knot versus squre knot

    They dont seem to hold up as well to livestock, once they start getting pushed down the whole fence folds down together.
  10. Thegoatman22

    fixed knot versus squre knot

    I hate hinge knotts. I hate striping them. I hate how they look after a couple years of livestock pressure, or branches/trees falling on them.
  11. Thegoatman22

    Wood is outdated

    Looks pretty good. I think it would make alot of sense for people to switch to metal, I set alot of posts in holes full of water.
  12. Thegoatman22

    Wood is outdated

    No it's fine. I am curious still what diameter pipes you ate using for your H post
  13. Thegoatman22

    Wood is outdated

    I meant that question for Oregon fencer, I wouldn't be against metal posts if I could find a good source of pipes and clientele that wanted them. (I like welding, and my 1 employ is a certified welder) People like the look of the wood around here. And most of my fences are small fences around peoples houses, fences for like 2 goats or a horse, that sort of thing. What size pipes do you use for the H post?
  14. Electrified offsets are the typical way to keep animals off of a fence. I get how chicken wire could be dangerous, but overall I would guess it will not cause any problems. Your neighbor sounds difficult to deal with.
  15. Thegoatman22

    Wood is outdated

    Where are you getting your posts/how vit of a load do you have to buy?