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  1. Air hose for staple gun

    I don't have a staple gun, but for my nail guns, I use the blue light weight hoses at hoome depot. They work great.
  2. Uneven ground

    I am thinking it may involve stretching each line individually with the wire strainer.
  3. Uneven ground

    I am leaning towards field fencing, but would prefer it without the hinge knot. And it's a lab and husky.
  4. Uneven ground

    Yeah it needs to be tight to the ground, but no barb because it's to keep her dogs in.
  5. Uneven ground

    I am open to suggestions, it's to keep some dogs in. They like to go under. I suggested chicken netting on the bottom. This job is partially redoing a crappy job someone else did. They did 6 ft field with 4 ft long h post, not really stretched, the. They twisted the wire to tighten it and make it look better, which ended up breaking.
  6. Uneven ground

    Any of you guys have an advice for making a fence look good on really hilly ground. Lots of ups and downs and steep.
  7. Wire clamp/stretcher

    I understand, I called during lunch while I was fencing as well.
  8. Wire clamp/stretcher

    I ordered one from your wife today. Shall see how it does.
  9. Wire clamp/stretcher

    Did you get that picture?
  10. Battery powered circular saw?

    I have a dewalt battery saw, I like it lots. I think the 60 volt brushless would be better. But I grab that cordless pretty regularly. I am like you, I do lots of fences but also remodels, and roofing, and siding.
  11. Wire clamp/stretcher

    Sure yeah
  12. Wire clamp/stretcher

    What brand are you selling?
  13. Wire clamp/stretcher

  14. Wire clamp/stretcher

    What would shipping be for the 5 fter
  15. gripples

    I inquired with strainers about a tamper and post hole shovel and they said no sellers in the us, and shipping would be more then the two products, its a shame we need better fencing products in america