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  1. I've been an Isuzu fan for years and I'm just looking to change our 4year old Dmax.. Now they have changed to the new 1.9 l engine just wondering if any of you were running one and if so what do you think ? Cheers charlie
  2. Welcome along Mat and Suzie Working with your wife is probably the hardest part of a relationship, when my business grew Julie offered to help out in the office but only for a few years....!!! Well that was probabley 12 years back and bless her she would prefer to be on a horse somewhere but she runs the shop/accounts side and I look after the contracting and manufacturing part and it seems to work.... Although there are some days when we fall out.... That's when our staff sense the atmosphere and hide!!!! It took a while but she has a great knowledge of all types and kinds of fencing which is a great asset to our customers and I couldn't run the business without her, we've just got to 25 years of marriage so can't be doing that badly... Good luck with the business.
  3. Still plenty of livestock in Warwickshire but also a fair few contractors ..! Having said that there's plenty of work for the good ones ....if you want to dig holes by hand the domestic market is massive loads of work on that side as well!
  4. We can quote you Henry if you let me know the spec assuming you mean coach/carriage bolts and ship to you direct. cheers charlie
  5. I tend to find if your post and railing if you've got a rail that's running behind a holly or anything prickly and you've just wedged yourself round the back of it with prickles in your **** and your back, balancing the rail on one foot and the other end just being held in place with the tip of your little finger and thumb ....and the nail guns always run out of nails
  6. I'm hoping she does not get her way as well.. As the mother-in-law says she will move down to the midlands if she does ....
  7. In the past we have used horse mesh also poltury net and badger net depends on the dogs but all worked well
  8. There's quite a few places round us that buy use pallets.. You need a few to make it worth while but worth an Internet search, this time of year I use about three a day to keep the workshop log burner going !!
  9. Have you considered using electric fencing, one of my regular costomers breeds Limousin cattle and winter grazes sheep he needed to divide up a field so we used ht lamb safe netting two strands of barb with 1.8m 75/100 posts at 3m intervals but also ran a 2.5mm ht electric along the top on both sides on off set insulators, worked a treat I recon we did it about 5 years ago and I was quoting there this weekend and it's still doing it job well which surprised me considering how feisty his cattle are...!
  10. I'm an Isuzu fan.. running a twin cab Dmax that tows like a dream and also the refinements of a car to drive had this one 2 years now and no problems also have a 52 plate twin cab Isuzu from new that has been a great truck 140000 miles a lot of dents but apart from a new alternator two years back and a bit of welding on the exhaust all original and nothing else has gone not even the clutch ..starts on the button every time just been offered £1000 for it so does not owe us anything We also ran a ford ranger for a year not a bad truck was not as good on the towing and a bit thirsty too ....good in a crash though as this was written off in a head on with a Peugeot 206 and the Mrs and my son luckily came out with just a few bruises, that is more than can be said for the boy racer in the Peugeot ...he was ok but spent a while in hospital.
  11. Not sure if it's the same but we used to run a 'MF3080 on our Bryce and now and then the same thing would happen everything working apart from the linkage and if you climbed under the back end there was a manual up and down button on the spool underneath so at lease you could lift the linkage up to get moving.. We used to find it would start working again after a bit..! Hope you get it sorted
  12. I use the hand twister to start off at the very beginning of driving using a tight low string line to get them as straight as possible if we get to the point of having to fight with them all the way as its too dry or stony we give up with that and then use our rectangular rock spike to make a perfect hole takes a bit longer but much better result .. Oh and we always use flat ended posts in 5x3's points tend to send them a lover the place Take a look at this video https://www.facebook.com/201676763210091/videos/1014100995300993/
  13. Just an update on this having been working along side a large pond last week loads of horse flys and must admit even though me and Ian smell like a couple of older lady's off for a night out at the bingo the Avon skin so soft appears to work ...! And it's only £2.50 a bottle not sure if it improves the softness of the skin may take a few more applications to improve my hands ?
  14. I think we've all had these situations .. And you learn from them but basically no one knows what's down there until you start digging or banging a post in and thats just the risk you take doing this job with the hope that the good ones far out way the bad ones, we don't have any kind of clause for difficult ground just one of those things .. Just hope your next job flys along Digga ....!!!
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