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  1. I fully agree with the bad knee comment. Back to the digger cenario I did see a home made effort using the gear box out of an angle grinder which had a maker on it giving you a virtical on the side you can't see it was an artical in practical farm ideas can't give you much more info sorry.
  2. No problem with a little drop or a lot of drops. And total agreement that tools are toys (includes tractors postdrivers and diggers)
  3. Thanks goaty ,its some thing I have to address I'd rather pay for the tractor to be cleaned or the truck or a proper tidy up at the yard , but we do a lot of hourly repair work for a few big farms and hours can easily get inflated , but if I think the hours arnt right I suffer the cost and bill for what's right. It just niggles me because fair is fair .
  4. Forget this post I know the answer I also didn't word it right to start with
  5. Actually on about guys that work for me knocking of early and adding on hours to make up a day and there still being work to do
  6. Ringfencing


    If a self employed worker works on an hourly or meter rate do they have the right to round up there day to 8 hours if a day rate is not agreed and they go on early , I know a lot of tradesmen do?
  7. Sounds like a good idea can't think of any big down sides.
  8. Hi nick can I have a password please it been bugging me for ages .
  9. Not for this one , customer requested it to be dug , but if you have a price for pegging it would be useful to know. Cheers
  10. Yep prices do vary a lot from contractor to contractor and the cost of machinery is never really taken into account. I think it would be good to put down some prices per item e.g. Posting up per m or per post as styles vary a bit but I recon about a £1 per m for putting in timber ,that could also be flexible depending on distance ,then how much for a strut ? £20 for a box £10 for an angle . All rates are labour only.
  11. Has any body got a proper breakdown of fence erection rates I I've been fencing for years but just slowly increase rates per year and end up middle of the road price wise I just thought the more efficient guys may have a per m rate for posting up , strutting box and angle ( per strut) ,net erection, barb per line etc I just don't have a break down . Plus tie downs foots etc because every strut etc costs time and money and do you work each job out using said rates.
  12. Taking a strainer of the forks , standing up against the hedge, moving forward and just clipping the post so it falls down between the tractor and hedge but not noticing until your out the cab and half way round the the back . Then repeat the process .
  13. Feeling knackerd at the end of the days not a bad thing but constantly punishing the body will have and affect in later years.
  14. The down side to this is as you've got older and more experienced and quicker you then get even older and get slower because you've got bad knees and the eyesight starts to fail (something for the younger ones to look forward too) beware of 45 that's when it starts.????
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