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    Wire Re-Winder

    It is work in progress, it was finished yesterday so trial run was today. Thanks for the comments, It was designed to bolt/clamp onto the side of my tracked postdriver or even a trailer or something solid to get it up off the ground. Also going to have full weldmesh screen/cage over drum to prevent anything bad happening. thanks
  2. Something i have been working on... Works on barb or line wire. Excellent for taking down old fences quickly, neatly and easily. The top two videos on the page. https://www.facebook.com/RCCM-Rural-Crafts-Countryside-Management-637326883069039/
  3. That looks just the ticket, thank you Any good stockists?
  4. Is it actually any good Charlie?
  5. If you were doing a real belts and braces job and wanted to treat and protect all the cut ends, mortices etc on strutts and box strainers what would you use to match in with tanalised wood? so no creosote products.
  6. RCCM

    Wire Unroller

    St61, send me your email address and I will email you photos of something I have built that unrolls standard stock,deer netting and everything in between as well as 3 strand of barb or line wire at once with different add ons making it very flexible and adaptable all on the same frame It doesn't yet clamp it but working on that too
  7. I looked at a tennis court chain link fence today and it had much thicker stronger looking rings than my cl22 rings, any idea what they may be?
  8. Hi Charlie, Which set takes the heaviest gauge ring out of the two rapid pliers? Is vr22 thicker than vr16?
  9. The spring on my stainless ct22 hog ring pliers has unbent itself on one end, any idea if i can get a replacement. its identical to this pair http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hog-Ring-Pliers-22-mm-Continuous-Manual-Feed-Cliptool-CT22-Stainless-Steel-/252287031927?hash=item3abd7a9a77:g:HcIAAOSwWTRWwITe
  10. Another thumbs up for the stihl drill, its great for gate posts etc with plenty of torque in 1st speed. I have rarely needed reverse or 2nd speed. It seems very efficient on fuel, hardly uses a drop and quiet enough to use without ear defenders on. However a decent dewalt or other 18v lion cordless with sharp 19mm auger wil go through any softwood gatepost. Only difference is on Oak that the power helps. I bought my stihl drill when NiMh batteries were still the norm and one winter they all seemed to fail in the cold and got fed up of not being able to drill stuff away from a power source or not wanting to lug a generator around. If you look after it, it should last a long time as they get so little use relatively by comparison with other tools that take a daily pounding...
  11. On a similar note, how far would people be prepared to go on 3 strand of Titan HT barb before tieing off? Clearly depends on how many turnposts etc but approximately? thanks
  12. It's not completely flat. It has a shallow curve in the 4 mm plate, but still allows you to cut some very square sided holes if you want. I have been using mine this last couple of weeks and they do make short work of most things as well as being that much longer and more comfortable in use. I reckon worth it for the money but use them sensibly, and they should last a long time.
  13. I have strainrite ones too but for certain things prefer the trewhella ones
  14. I have one of the blue trewhella monkey strainers which is about 2 or 3 years old and gets used mostly for box strainers and stuff using 2.5mm ht but it has started slipping along the wire. The cams still have plenty of bite and close up way beyond 2.5mm and no obvious groove has been worn too much so not sure why? Anyone got any ideas, they have been cleaned just in case of too much oil and muck but no better. Wondering about filing it all flat again to see if that helps. Annoyingly it's the grab on the frame end that's slipping otherwise I'd change the chain and grab bit. Thanks
  15. I try not to do too much digging but it is unavoidable for some bits ... but has anyone got any experience of the strainrite spades. They are supposed to be very tough and sharp and the extra length help's I guess. Anyone own one?
  16. I have two Dewalt 690 nail guns firing 50mm long up to 90mm 3.1mm galv nails. All my other tools are dewalt so I bought them bare at a fraction of the cost​. ​I think they are great and use them for a range of construction and fencing jobs. The other bonus is no gas and less to go wrong.
  17. I was assured of a similar thing recently and went through a 63mm water mains
  18. Make one or two mistakes with gates in the past. Was hanging a matched pair of timber deer gates on the front face, put the posts in and a couple of days later went back to hang them and the gap was so wrong i had to hang them on the inside of the posts for whatever reason i had completely got the measurement wrong...
  19. Sorry to drag this up again, but thought i might be able to help. I too have been using an original pair i bought from travis Perkins that i think must be 6 years old or more now and keep worrying that they are going to break. They are incredibly light, don't spread very wide, have a really good 'bite' on loose spoil and are surprisingly strong even in clay. The closest replacement i have found is the Draper model in both wooden and steel handles. They have the same square lower handles and blade/hinge design and shape. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Draper-34894-Post-Hole-Digger-with-Hardwood-Handles-/321693867023?hash=item4ae672dc0f:g:n4kAAOSwv0tVAWuO or metal http://www.amazon.co.uk/Draper-29287-Expert-Handles/dp/B00UNJUQRA
  20. Hi All, I have been putting off driving 7x7 or 8x8x square gate posts for a while now despite various people saying its easy. This is my only bit of hand digging i do now. My worries are that you get half way through banging it in and it starts drifiting off plumb as some strainers do and is not possible to straighten it up or grinds to a halt. Also what have people done about making up a cap to fit the 4 way weather on the top of gate posts? I will make up a post spanner for 7" posts. I have a vector tracked pd with 300kg hammer and rockspike.
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