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  1. Hi Mr T, Yh sounds like a plan as we have built a customer base down around Redruth Truro area and quite often its not not worth us traveling there perhaps we could relay work in each others areas.
  2. Thank you. Your setup sounds like a more experienced/mature version shall i say of us. Glad to hear.
  3. Hi, It is awkward at times but i find the "yes dear" helps a lot. Mine can do practical side but manages work load and young children at the moment. Only downside is trying to relay time scales between us and her as some times she expects two of us to fit 300 metres a day which is fine in big fields but not in half acre paddocks lol.
  4. We had the same with other brands when farmers supply we find heating the wire with a blow torch just gently warm it makes it very supple and easy to work with.
  5. Hi All, We have just joined so thought we would introduce ourselves. I am Matt and my wife is Suzie we are fencing contractors based on the Devon & Cornwall boarder. We trade as M&S Fencing LLP our website is www.stockfence.co.uk or Facebook page is www.facebook.com/MS-fencing-276788702691897. Suzie is the daughter of a fencing contractor so has grown up fencing and I was a business partner alongside my father in a forestry business and started fencing with that business. Soon it became apparent that forestry was drifting away from me as I was in constant demand so me and Suzie took the jump and combined to form M&S Fencing. 2 years in on our own now with a few big contracts bagged and a rapidly increasing customer base. We believe in value for money using high quality materials and going the extra mile to ensure all work is finished to a high standard to which we offer a fully insured 5 year free warranty on all materials and workmanship. Matt & Suzie
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