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  1. Guys , Things are about to get hectic around her so I want to wish everyone a joyous Merry Christmas, and a safe , productive , and prosperous new year.
  2. This is really cool guys. Getting all this input from all this experience at one place is really great. The deal is that I've done without and have gotten by All my life and I'm ready to go 1st class . As a wise man I know once said..."How long do you have to want something ,before you need it?" That's where I am, so now I need to pull the trigger on something before the weather breaks.
  3. I knew that machine went Virginia, I'm thinking about going to look at it. I drug my feet( as usual) they wanted $45000.00 .The next one they have is $49000.00 I suppose I really need to see it to have something to compare . I need to get hopping and give that guy a call I don't think he's more than 200 miles away.
  4. welcome from West Virginia, How do you build fence in Texas? always want to learn...
  5. I've been talking to Iowa Farm Eguipment several months .I like what they have and they are very friendly and accommodating, but for the price I decided to look around .$50000 and up. I'd like to beat that just a little. We have a lot of really rough ground, sand stone, that's just 6 inches under the surface, limestone ,red clay, very tall steep hills, and a lot of road banks .We need something that will do it all. I like the looks of the Solo a lot. Protech guys haven't returned my calls .Vector guy did call me, For this kind of money , I want what I need.
  6. Anyone have any new opinions on buying a new track machine? I'm shopping really hard and have talked to three of the main ones built in the UK ,any insight?
  7. Tepapa, what would you change about you Solo? I really like the looks of that machine and it seems to climb well.
  8. Thanks for letting me join in, I'm always trying to learn what I can about the business.We farm in West Virginia, USA and Most of our country is steep and rough and we have a lot of fencing to replace or maintain. I started shopping for a track machine some months ago which lead me to your website. I called Luke at West Fork Fence this morning and learned a lot, he was very helpful. I'm interested in any input I can get on trying to get the best bang for my buck. We raise cattle, sheep, and goats and are wanting to expand and maybe build fence for a few neighbors. Thanks again.... Friends call me Greenie
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