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  1. Ok. That makes sense. The cross brace will still provide the same strength? Also. What size brace wire do yall use? Ive found 9g. 12g and 12.5 double strand
  2. Today I hooked up my Augur for the 1st time. I got my gate post drilled and Installed. The next post to be drilled is the brace post for this gatepost. The terrain slopes away from the gate post . Where the brace post will being drilled is about a foot lower than the gatepost. How do I go about doing this? The gate post is drilled to about 32" and tamped in place. No concrete.
  3. Kjg26

    Fence design

    So large post burried deep with slam latch on latch side. Prefect
  4. Kjg26

    Fence design

    If i were to do a 4 board design on the entrance funnel how do you brace the gate? Planning on 16' gate. Will prob use a wheel on it if that matters
  5. Kjg26

    Fence design

    So a H brace with tension wire going both directions? Same size posts as corners or the other fence posts?
  6. Kjg26

    Fence design

    I think ill wood brace every third post. Also...for long runs of fence how often should i do brace posts (H braces)?
  7. Kjg26

    Fence design

    Can you explain this bit to me a bit more. I understand the funnel now. thank you. Also like the idea of bracing overhead. What size lumbar are we talking about for that. And how the heck do i get it up there?
  8. Kjg26

    Fence design

    Thank you for your input. Thats the front roughly 20 acres. Back 30 is wide open as well. What do you mean by "On the entry make sure to get the outside plenty wide. I like to do a funnel."
  9. Kjg26

    Fence design

    We just put down earnest money on a 50 acre tract in NE Georgia. We can't wait to start fixing it up. Step one will be to secure the driveway. I know it could be as simple as running a straight line of fence and gate across the front of the property but I prefer the looks of an offset gate. I have attached an image as to my thoughts and design of it. I have never done anything besides mending some basic 3 or 4 board fencing so I'm open to any and all ideas/suggestions. What size corner posts? What size brace posts? What size top rail (between corner/brace posts)? How far apart should these posts be? How deep? Concreted in? On the lines of fence how far apart should I space t-posts? How far apart do I need wooden posts? I have also attached an aerial of the front 20 acres. There are portions already fenced in ( southern and western portions of the property have old barb wire fencing. Aerial Shot Fencing design idea
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