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  1. Rancher

    Rusting netting

    is the problem happening on metal posts or wood? could it be that the wire in contact with the post has become a sacrificial anode for the rest of the fence?
  2. Rancher

    Annoying things that happen whilst fencing.

    to be out working on a 50 year old barbed wire fence with only pliers and a home made pounder with a pocket full of re straightened staples you salvaged from yesterdays repair. and have a professional builder drive by and just laugh at you. wink
  3. Rancher

    New Guy

    just want to stop buy and introduce myself. my name is John and i have been reading and enjoying this forum for a while now as a lurker. i have learned quite a bit from you professionals and i want to extend a Thank You for sharing. i am not a contractor but as my handle states i am a rancher and have always been wrestling with fence one way or another. my local is USA Oklahoma.