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  1. Welcome to the forum, sounds like you are doing well.
  2. Everyone increasing wire prices I would say, I doubt it just tornado. Brexit, I don't know how it will affect things, but I don't think it will be any worse than it is now, and I don't think it will affect smaller people such as myself. Grant money and subsidy, they could be affected by brexit, but it always goes in fits and starts, if grants end, then so be it. I think farming will be stronger if it has to stand on its own two feet. Other countries such as n.z. Lost subsidies an they are doing fine. Maybe lead to more innovation, smaller farms who knows. As for interest rates, they are only talking, let's wait and see. Any borrowing I have is on fixed rate, so I am not to worried. However, they have gone up and down for years it's a certainty. As for the industry, at present we are not to bad, got work on, have more staff employed than ever before, not through choice but necessity. Phone is ringing away steady and I am paying the bills. So I am quite happy, however who knows what a months time will bring. One thing is fences, will always be needed grants or not! If a fence is not doing its intended purpose it will need fixing or replacing, a lot of fences gone up on grant schemes that could soon be failing. I am sure there will be something about! Fingers crossed we will be fine mate.
  3. Not saying it is no good, but I had major problems with towergate when insuring through the federation of small business. I thought they would be on my side, but they were bad. Just make sure you are clear what you ask for and bear in mind if you have a problem, you can ask for a copy of the recorded calls they keep. It toook a while, but they had to let me have them. They may be fine for you as they are only a broker at the end of the day.
  4. I think you have got a duffer in the office. Depending on where the work is etc, the best bet is to try and find out who the project officer is. This will be someone from N.E. THEY MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE A CLUE, BUT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TALK TO THEM, DISUCSS options and try and get them to waiver on the spec. The posts they say must be used are ridiculous round here and not upto doing the job in most cases, yet when they spec it, people go out to tender on the spec and it comes back as a **** job. But explained properly some of them can be changed and made to realise cheapest isn't always best. I find their specs are stupid on the whole and things have moved on since they were written.
  5. The problem I have, is that a little drop is never enough. I struggle to not have a lot of drops.
  6. Well at midnight when you can't sleep because you are turning over jobs In Your head, it was my way of trying to switch off. It is probably all wrong though.
  7. 20 pounds per hour based on 40 hour working week as that is what most people in a normal job do these days. 800 pound per week Allow six weeks ( 30 days holiday a year, as a lot of people get that in. Most jobs). 46 weeks x 40 hours is a total of 1,840 hours That gives you earning potential of 36,800 at 20 per hour. Now look at costs, these are rough guesses some based on experience. Fuel 80 quid a week trucks and chainsaws etc ,x 46 , 3,680 Insurance, (you still need it for your kit that is sat idle even if you are using theirs, yours can still get nicked) also for your vehicle you run 6000.00 per year, you also have public liability, possibly employers liability, Vehicles to maintain, mot, general repairs, oil, grease tyres setc. 1000 Tools to buy and repair 2000.00 Accountants fees to file tax return 1200 Bank charges for transactions made 120.00 Stationery and office gubbins for sending out invoices, possibly a computer etc, 500.00 Rent on a yard or property if you need one, if not there will be cost to keep your current yard in shape, maybe not as high, but also thin it could be earning you money rented out instead of running you own business so let's say 200 per month total 3,200 I Won't include depreciation on assets, but should be taken into account, although it should be slightly,covered in some of,the cost above. Probably a few things I have forgotten too, such as safety gear and clothing. Maybe a bit of advertising. So this gives costs of around 17,700 So money in bank from your 36,800 is now 19,100 The tax man will want say around 20 percent of this so called profit Leaving you with 15,200 Now you have to pay yourself for a whole year, as no one else is going to pay your holiday. So that leaves you with 293.00 per week. Or 7.33 per hour take for your 40 hour week. Now factor in the fact you have to do unpaid hours, which includes quoting, looking at jobs emailing folks, organising stuff. Don't know about everyone else, but I bet I do at least two or three hours a day. So let's just say 10 hours a week. That brings your hourly rate down to 5.86 an hour take home. Which Is not great, cosidering all the hassle and stress that goes with it, I think all of us here can say we enjoy what we do and that counts for a lot. ask yourself are you worth 5.86 an hour or are you worth a little bit more. If you think you are worth a bit more, the only two way to get it is to work more hours or charge more. If you work an extra ten hours a week based on the 46 weeks. It is an extra 9,200 minus tax so 7400. So this works out over 52 weeks, bearing in mind this puts you upto 60 hours a week. Including the 10 non paid hours above too . It would add an additional 2.37 on your hourly rate bringing you upto 8.23 per hour. So you are now working 60 hours at 8.23 an hour. So 20 of those hours should be time and a half if you are working for someone else, I have no idea on how to work that out, but it still is a pretty low wage, the more I think about it, the more I am coming round to,the idea of charging more.. If you are ill / sick and can't work for a few days a year, it can happen even tomthe best of men. Accidents should be covered in the insurance section above. I am covered for accident and illness, but doesn't pay for the first two weeks. I don't think people understand the costs and time involved in running a business. This is just a guess, and the figures are open for debate, I am happy to be corrected, based on one man working alone, that has a tractor and knocker / tracked machine a truck and trailer and a few tools. It's a good job we enjoy our work and are happy in it, as that must count for a couple of quid an hour, otherwise I might respond to,the add at the local Tesco, looking for shelf stackers in an evening. In fact I might apply anyway to give me a bit of spending money after paying the mortgage, house bills and feeding the family.
  8. I am with the above, Self employed you charge for the hours worked. Or do it on a piece rate. Only problem by doing it per metre, it can encourage people to take short cuts to get more done, and hourly can encourage some people to take longer to do a job to spin it out. I think you will find good hard workers will be happy with whatever, they will do their day and bill accordingly, if they want more work they will be fair with you. If they are not fair, then I would say there will be better people to employ.
  9. We have a skip in the yard and put it in there. If it's anything like half decent and you can make it look tidy, we put bits in the local auction, folks pay stupid money sometimes for old rubbish!
  10. Will be down your way in September, bring the family down for a weeks holiday. No fneicng unfortunately, only from the comfort of my truck seat.
  11. I have actually just priced a job, there weren't many to do I think 30 intermediates and 3 strainers. I have charged 30.00 per strainer and 5 quid a post. The strainers will be the worst, but the wire is so old it's not tight, so it's not to much of a problem. I am hoping to get it done with one man in a morning, there is also other works to do on site, so we will make up the day with that. I must admit I don't really want the job.
  12. It's a hard one to answer, you will,get quicker with experience goaty. It surprising how experience helps with our job, some of the quickest guys are the experienced one thtanhave done it many times. I would generally be around five minutes I think jointing net, can be quicker if rushing. Tieing of aroudn a strainer, I would hope to be a couple of mins. Knocking in posts, all depends on spacing and ground type, which is the same with so many things, there are so many variables in our game.
  13. Ist the sort of opportunity that would suit young lads and I am sure if you can maybe get on some farming forums etc, you will find guys. N.z. Fellas are worth trying to,get. I traveled when I was young and was keen to work, offer accommodation and some opportunity to see the area and time of to travel a bit, who can turn that down. It's the sort of thing I would like to do short term, o r would have done before family arrived at least. Not sure the Mrs would be keen on the snakes! Good luck with it.
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