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Greetings from the USA

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Hello, my name is Taylor and I am from the state of Oregon in the U.S. I am currently going to college and working part-time for my families farm fencing business. I really enjoy building fence and hope to eventually take over the the business as my father nears retirement age in the future. 


We currently have a crew of three, and built 63,000 feet of fence this past year. Our most popular fence to build is woven wire, we use both high tensile fixed knot Stay Tuff wire and H&W wire. We also use Red Brand and Davis on occasion. I have yet to see Tornado wire in the U.S. We also do non-climb, sheep & goat, barb wire, new zealand and deer fence. All of our wood posts are either Lodgepole Pine or Douglas Fir, with either a CCA, ACQ or Penta treat.


Our post driver is mounted behind a 43hp Kubota tractor, it is a homemade H beam style driver, based on a Shaver. We also have a Beltec rock auger with hydraulic down pressure for broken rock. For solid or extremely rocky conditions we have a rock drill powered by a very large air compressor. In the future we are looking to expand with either a skid steer/Danuser combination or a Kinghitter driver. 


I know this is a primarily UK-based forum, but at the end of the day fence building is fence building. Although I've been told that our terrain, weather, and agriculture in Oregon makes us very similar to the UK.


I look forward to learning some new things here!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Welcome to the Forum Taylor. Anything you need to know about the forum ask me or Nick... for fencing questions there are plenty of wise heads on here (even a few from the US)




Ps ... Tornado will be available in the US from February 2017

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