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Hello to All - Agri Scheme Question

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Dear All


First of all i'm new to this fencing game, done the usual repairs to old fences around the farm. We decided to buy a new post knocker and solo net and push on and do some of our own fencing around the farm. As we could never get contractors to fit in ect..... Also we have around 2000mtrs to do through a scheme. Also plan to do a few fields each winter or should i say i'm saying that at present but time will tell. 


On reading the text for the Agri Scheme stock fencing i thought i would ask a question (I've copied the scheme text below) 




  • you must erect a fence which will form a stock proof barrier
  • for conventional stock fencing, there must be a minimum of six line wires or two line wires and woven wire netting
  • posts must be placed at intervals of no more than 3.5 metre centres. For a high tensile fence, the posts can be placed at up to 12 metre centres
  • if using permanent electric fences you must display warning notices. These must be placed at access points and suitable intervals of not more than 100 metres along the length of the fence-line
  • barbed wires must not be used in electrified fences
  • you must maintain a diary

Question - For high tensile posts can be 12mtrs centres. (What are they referring to). We are doing 3mtr centres on first class posts and I've went for torus lamb save netting. 










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Here in the US, when the government refers to HT fence, what they really mean is HT plain wire.  Max spacing for cost share net wire is 16' here.  HT plain wire is 50'.  The standards are antiquated, and it's nearly impossible to explain the concept of HT net to a government agent.  I would suspect that it's a similar situation for you, but I'm intrested to hear from the experts. 

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First question, what scheme is that?

It looks like your very lucky and some one writing the spec has actually read all the way the the back of BS1722,2,2006 and noticed there is a different spec for HT wire.

It means you can space posts out wider than 3.5 but no more than 12m if you want. This depends on the ground and stock pressure but if you feel capable of getting the netting HT tight without it slackening you could space posts at 4 or 4.5/5m spacing if you use a decent sized intermediate post, rather then the max of 3.5m used on mild steel.

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