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  1. You are able to edit your profile information, including your avatar (the picture that appears next to your forum name and in your posts) and signature (which appears at the bottom of your posts). Sign into your forum account Click on your forum name (with the arrow next to it, in the top right-hand corner of the screen, just below the black bar) Click on ‘My Settings’ (You can also get here by clicking on your own forum name which will take you to your own profile, and then clicking on the blue ‘Edit my Profile’ box) You will then be able to edit various elements of your profile by clicking on the options on the left-hand side. If you have uploaded any photos to the Gallery, you will be able to access your photos here as well by clicking on ‘Gallery’ To change your password… Follow the instrucitons above to access ‘My Settings’ Click on ‘Email & Password’ on the left-hand side Enter your existing farmfencetalk password in the box entitled ‘CURRENT password’ Enter the new password you wish to use in the boxes marked ‘NEW password’ and ‘Confirm NEW password’ Click on ‘Save Changes’
  2. The Gallery is a free tool available to all Members and Contractors in the farmfencetalk community. The Gallery allows you to view, upload and share your photographs with the rest of the community. This tool allows fencing Contractors to share photographs of projects they have worked on, as examples for potential customers or to discuss best practice with other members of the Tornado Professional Contractors Network. Farmers or other fencing customers can upload photographs of projects or fencing they have queries about, allowing feedback and input from other members of the community. Guide to the Gallery – step 1 Start in the Gallery. Click on the blue ‘Upload’ button to begin adding photos. Guide to the Gallery – step 2 If you've already created an album, click on "Select Album". To start a new one, click on "Create New Album". We’ll assume for now that that you've chosen "Create New Album". Guide to the Gallery – step 3 First, you can provide information about the album. The instructions should be fairly straightforward to follow - you can pick the Name, Description, sorting method and whether people can rate or comment on the photos you upload. Guide to the Gallery – step 4 Now you can upload images to the album. Select the "Choose File" button, browse to the image location and double click on the image. Then click on the "Upload" button to add the image to your album. Guide to the Gallery – step 5 Once you've uploaded your images, a thumbnail of all the images should be displayed. Click on "Review & Publish" to continue. Guide to the Gallery – step 6 You can now add names and descriptions to your images, add tags, as well as the copyright holder's name if appropriate. Click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to publish your album. Guide to the Gallery – step 7 The album should now have been published, and will be accessible through the main Gallery section as well as the Gallery area on your personal profile.
  3. Welcome to farmfencetalk This is an online community dedicated to fencing – sponsored and run by Tornado Wire – designed to help fencing contractors and customers to share fencing tips, information, advice and best practice. We wanted to pass on our passion for the highest quality fencing, backed by our extremely experienced and knowledgeable team, by providing a dedicated online fencing community. If you are a fencing customer looking for information from leading fencing contractors, in addition to browsing the conversations and advice already here you are welcome to sign up to farmfencetalk and ask your own questions. You can also browse photos of contractors’ work, access the personal profiles of members of the Tornado Professional Contractors Network, contact contractors for quotes, and keep up to date with the latest fencing news from the industry. You need to create a Member account (which must first be validated by the Admin team) to contribute to discussions or ask questions, but this is completely free and only takes a moment…just click on the green ‘Create Account’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and follow the simple instructions (please be sure to read and accept the Terms & Conditions before using the forum). Farmfencetalk is also the digital home of the Tornado Professional Contractors Network. The Network consists of expert fencing contractors who have been invited to join by Tornado Wire, who share our passion for excellence and wish to deliver outstanding products and service to their customers. If you are a fencing contractor interested in joining the Network, please feel free to contact Tornado Wire directly by emailing forum@tornadowire.com; one of our team will then get back to you. We hope you enjoy farmfencetalk, and we look forward to your input on the forum.
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