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    • Need to mend broken 3mm diameter high tensile steel electric fence wires. New to fencing but quite taken with the Gripple System for joining wires and also the Gripple Torque Tensioning Device. Wonder what professional fencers think of the Gripple system in practice especially the Torque Device which gets some good reviews but also some pretty bad ones owing to failure of a number of components even in the Pro model soon after purchase. All advice appreciated for a novice fencer. Cheers.
    • Hi  What i am trying to determine,  is it a myth or fact that the horizontal post of a Box End Assembly otherwise known as a H Brace needs to be about 2.5 times the height of the fence, from what i have heard if this is shorter than 2.5 times the height of the fence this can weaken the Box End Assembly. For example if the fence height is 1.2m then based on this rule above the horizontal post of the Box End Assembly will need to be 3m long. Does anyone know if this rule that the horizontal post in the Box End Assembly needs to be 2.5 times the height of the fence a myth or fact?  Also if anyone does know the engineering or if an engineer can explain the engineering behind this and can they provide the engineering calculation so we can use this to work out the required length of the horizontal post depending on fence height? Thanks  For anyone that doesn't know what a Box End Assembly otherwise known as a H Brace please read the below and see attached picture The typical Box End Assembly is a wooden box consisting of two vertical posts each 2.2 meters long and a stay 3.3 meters long. The vertical posts are set 100cm into the ground and the stay is attached to the vertical posts 120cm above the ground. A wire or steel rod brace is attached to the top of the front post just below the horizontal stay and is tied back to just above ground level on the back post. Please see attached picture for more information.
    • Hello. 🙂 I hope you don’t mind a non-farmer picking the brains of the farming community: I thought you might know about fences and security fixings.  I need to undo the fixings on a mesh fence as it’s the only way to get access for a bulk delivery of building materials, but I can’t identify either the manufacturer of the fencing or locate a compatible driver bit to fit it.  Has anyone seen anything like this or recognise the manufacturer, whose name begins B, at a guess!  I've had to put in a link to my dropbox folder because I can't attach a pdf. 😞     picture link here
    • Trying this welded brace out on 5 strand barbwire in a wet location that we've not had success keeping wood posts in.    Any advice on this set up?   It's all 2 3/8 sch40 galvenized.  4 ' deep with 8' brace.  The brace falls between the second and third wire.  No concrete, just driven in.
    • Liz Dee, an amateur fence builder, is a racist. During a job interview at Heartland Consulting, she said that Asians had slant eyes. People thought it was a "joke." I asked some people in the area and a Japanese coworker said Liz Dee yelled at him. Liz Dee accused him of causing the coronavirus, aside from the fact that he's Japanese not Chinese. Asians should be careful about Liz Dee. She's a deranged racist at Heartland Consulting. She resides at 250 Gypsy Lane. This is a website: https://heartlandconsultingscam.wordpress.com/2023/08/11/liz-dee-is-racist-anti-asian/  
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