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  1. Isle of Lewis


    Hi there My girlfriend currently lives in Nuneaton, Warwickshire I'm way further up North! I'd be interested in picking up some jobs down there if they were available. livestock fencing cattle and sheep work. I have been fencing high tensile and mild steel since i was 16, now 33 so plenty experience, any tips on how to make myself available for job s down there? I don't have any tractor machinery so it's good old fashioned shovel tongs to dig strainer holes. Any jobs needing done down there? regards Calum
  2. Isle of Lewis


    A while back I had a few burst and the guts of them ping out, more on the large gripple, but that hasn't happened in a while. Being gentle getting them on also helps. Yeah the tails are a bit of a problem as they are a bit inconvenient and sharp, customer could see them as an issue. There were plastic retainers for the tails but they don't always come with the gripples and they are a faff to put on. Really happy with Spaldings deal and delivery
  3. Isle of Lewis

    Professional Fencing Specifications Workshop

    Could I get a look, where does the password go?
  4. Isle of Lewis


  5. Isle of Lewis

    IMG 1043

    Drill a hole through it... tie a rope to it... oh...
  6. Isle of Lewis

    just arms versus machinery, is there a place for both

    southern tip of NZ sounds like a great adventure!
  7. Isle of Lewis

    just arms versus machinery, is there a place for both

    Thanks guys appreciate the responses. Would like to get involved in sheep and beef farming if I go down that way
  8. Isle of Lewis


    I'm paying £22 for a pack of 20 medium gripples, any good deals going for say 200 medium gripples
  9. Isle of Lewis

    Annoying things that happen whilst fencing.

    losing control of your roll of plain wire ... i beleive the term couild be "nesting!" ... just being a div regular visits from the customer " to see how you are getting on"
  10. Isle of Lewis

    What do you do with old wire

    try and sell it on for a low low price
  11. Hi there, Im a busy contractor on the Isle of Lewis. I'm just a shovel tongs, punch bar and quad bike kind of guy meaning I don't use any tractor attachments. The terrain here is either peatbog or no depth so it's mostly levering large stones out of clay with a punch bar and cleaning out with the shovel tongs to fit strainers. Terrain and stones don't always allow for post thumpers knockers etc... Long story short. If I had to re locate to an area like Warwickshire would there be a demand for agricultural fencing all done by hand. I'm between £3 or £4 a meter at the mo and a strainer is £40.00 tightly packed with new posts, estimated hourly rate to strip old fence, or has all that been taken over by machinery now? looking forward to hearing from you as haven't been on this great forum in a while
  12. Isle of Lewis

    Your favourite tools.

    'The gripple tool' 'The post banger inner' 'Mr chainsaw' Bt45 stihl These are a few of my favourite...tools
  13. Isle of Lewis

    High tensile tie off and snap! Grrr

    Maybe they just need to turn the furnace up or down lol ????
  14. Isle of Lewis

    High tensile tie off and snap! Grrr

    Is rylock another brand like country?
  15. Isle of Lewis

    High tensile tie off and snap! Grrr

    They should be replacing rolls straightaway with pure ones