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    welcome Charlie
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    welcome Dan
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    welcome to the forums Siim. Do you also sell wire in Estonia?
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    Welcome to the forums Joe.
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    welcome to the forum Tommy
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    welcome to the forums. If you need any forum type help, please speak to me or Nick
  7. Welcome to the forums. If you need any forum type pf help. Me, Nick or Kate are your guys. Anything fence related there are plenty of experts around here!
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    Farmer-Fence builder

    Welcome to the forums Greenie. If you need any forum type techie help. me Nick or Kate will be glad to help, other wise as Tepapa says someone will give you an answer to your fencing questions
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    Welcome Matt. Any forum related issues message me, KATEL or NICKJ. Have fun
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    Welcome to the forums Andrew. Any forum related issues, please message, me NickJ or KateL
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    Welcome to the forums Steve. Any forum related questions let me or Nick know
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    Welcome to the forum Bertie... sorry you had trouble posting intitially!
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    Welcome to the forums CG .... always good to see new members from our long time customers.. any questions on using the forum please feel free to ask me Nick or Kate... any fencing questions there are one or two with a little bit of experience on here who will, be happy to help, share, debate, disagree with you ... all in a friendly way
  15. PaulH

    Break down of metre rates

    Just change the margin required from 30 to 50% or add a PITA line in to your extras ... just remember not to tick to make it visible to the customer!!