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  1. tepapa is spot on. We've had to replace one.
  2. Karen here - http://www.traditionalestatefencing.co.uk or http://www.cd-ironworkers.co.uk
  3. Try posting in the Fencing installation part of the forum. We'd go with figure of eight knots or crimps. http://www.kiwikit.co.uk/products/fwc00024-2-50mm-crimp-tub-of-100.html
  4. Got to be quick in this game charliehub
  5. The "cleft wood company" do a range of different products and I think can also Taylor make to requirements. They have a website and are also on Facebook.
  6. We were shown one towards the end of last summer on a job,by gripple, a petrol one that they sell. We were doing a run with the clipex steel posts, we tried it on a few of those and we were really impressed by the speed and accuracy that you could put them in, very quick. it was reasonably good ground but we were told it will punch through the hard stuff too. Im unsure of the suitability of using it on wooden posts though. If these steel posts do kick off in a big way, and we get a good run of it, i would definitely consider purchasing one, as for a one man installation it become a very quick process. I would like another trial of it for a longer duration before i made a final decision, and maybe see it work of some tougher ground.
  7. Thanks very much, sounds like the best option is to bite the bullet, it always is.
  8. A rather boring one i know but what is everyone's preferred chisel for mortising the stay assemblies? I have been trawling the internet for the past couple of hours to find a couple of new ones, as we are using cheapos that we break way too easily. I am definately thinking all steel chisels. The strainrite ones look really nice but obviously come with a price tag. Just wondering if anyone had any good experience/advice on this topic, Thanks in advance
  9. Yes we have recently had problems when using the baekart high tensile wire with it. We were pulling to the middle and grippling, and when using the tool to tension, the wheel ratchet and spring completely pulled through and fell out along with the crimped plastic. It must of happened on roughly a third of the ones attempted. A lady has been out a couple of times to take a look and said our techniques were absolutely fine, we tested some gripples the size up but the same thing was happening. We were in reasonably regular contact but now we have heard nothing for a while which is getting slightly frustrating. We sometimes use the gripple twisters to tidy up a join, but they can be more of a pain than being any use sometimes if the wire tail isn't completely straight.
  10. Hi, welcome to the Forum.
  11. Hello there, my name is Tim Lane i run Starveacre Fencing with my brother Ash, who will also be on this forum under the same name. We undertake all types of fencing, agricultural, equestrian and domestic. Been going on our own for about 4 years now, based in south Oxfordshire. Looking forward to sharing, learning and speaking on here with everyone
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