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  1. Uneven ground

    Old school low carbon class 1 stuff. We don't do it with HT fixed knot wire.
  2. Uneven ground

    We do a lot of woven wire field fence (6" box) on hills, stretch tight then let off as needed to pull down and staple to posts. Often times you can help the wire along by pulling the bottom wire tight with a chain strainer and hard stapling it to hold tension. Then pulling only the top or bottom of the wire as needed until it is good and tight. I would stay away from a non-climb or "sheep&goat" wire as neither work well in steep terrain in our experience.
  3. gripples

    You must be one of the only vendors in the U.S.? Can't find many places selling strainrite products.
  4. gripples

    We use crimp sleeves, either Hayes or Kiwi. Strainrite not really available here. IMO, they are the neatest and most professional looking. Woven wire joined with gripples is very noticeable and a bit unsightly. Crimps are much less noticeable and have a cleaner look. Rarely does one slip or fail, and when they do it, it is usually a 10 gauge top or bottom wire and is do to user error with the crimp. Like said, its all my opinion. I have never actually used a gripple, but have looked up close at fences around here that used them.
  5. Wire clamp/stretcher

    Well howdy neighbor. You're right in my backyard.
  6. Wire clamp/stretcher

    I think you are in the USA if I remember right? If so, Kencove sells a good wire stretcher bar. We have bought several from them and they hold up well. Stay-tuff also makes some as well.
  7. G v fencing

    Hello and welcome.
  8. Hayes Chain Strainers Repair

    The strainrite looks nice. But we have had Hayes forever. The pair that is slipping is around 15 years old. We have 4 pair in the trucks that we use everyday and 2 pair one the shelf in the shop as reserve. May be time to bring those into use.
  9. Hayes Chain Strainers Repair

    We have a pair of Hayes chain strainers that are slipping on the wire quite badly. One of the wire grips has a groove worn into it. Has anybody found a way to repair this? I was thinking of welding some inside the grip to give the wire something to catch on.
  10. Fence design

    Yes, tension wire both directions. Posts should be same as your line posts. 10' rail.
  11. Fence design

    We like to put an "x'd" H brace every 1000ft or so in long runs. Gives a place to pull to if needed.
  12. Fence design

    I'll go through and answer yours questions one by one. These suggestions would be what we would typically do. We use cca pressure treated wood posts and 1.25 steel t-posts, no pipe here. What size corner posts? 6" x 8' What size brace posts? 4" x 8' What size top rail (between corner/brace posts)? 4"x10' (The bigger/longer the brace the better) How far apart should these posts be? Not sure if your asking about the brace posts or line posts? On brace posts since we have a 10' rail the posts are 10' apart. For line posts we typically put our posts on 12' centers, with high tensile wire you could put them a bit farther apart if you wanted. How deep? 3' for an 8' post, so 5' above ground. Concreted in? I wouldn't recommend concrete, it can trap moisture around the post and lead to accelerated rot. Pounding is best, if you can't pound auger and tamp with gravel. On the lines of fence how far apart should I space t-posts? Our posts are normally on 12' centers, we typically do a 3 tposts to 1 wood post pattern. So we have 3 tposts then a wood post, 3 t's then a wood, etc.. Some people choose 2 tposts to a wood or 4 t posts to a wood. Wood posts add strength to the fence, all t posts really do is hold the wire up. How far apart do I need wooden posts? If I was building it for my own place I would put the wood posts on 48' centers. The more wood posts the stronger your fence is.
  13. Staple Removal

    I've been thinking about using a cordless grinder to cut staples and t-post clips when removing wire from posts during tear-outs. Does anyone do this? How well does it work? Thanks and Merry Christmas.
  14. Farmer-Fence builder

    A Merry Christmas to you as well. Hope your post driver search goes well.