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  1. Hi Tepapa, thanks for the question. We would always recommend that posts should only be lightly damp to the touch. if in doubt, simply flash dry the post surface with a torch prior to sleeve application. As you know it is almost impossible for anything to adhere to a wet surface. I would also just like to apologise for my very late answer to your question, i didnt seem to get a notification that you posted one so again, apologies.
  2. Thanks for the continued interest and brochure requests much appreciated. People now trying the product is all we can ask for. Check out our website at www.postsaver.co.uk well worth a look.
  3. Having just joined this forum i have seen many opinions on the subject of tanalith or creosote, all have been well informed and constructive. As i have a vested interest in the topic working in the industry, can i offer you a third option, Postsaver sleeves. The treatment issues we are all facing at the moment are well documented and as we all search for alternatives we sometimes get swayed or influenced by what we hear or what we read. I have stated on these forums that i am not here to bash the treatment companies, they have enough problems! The Postsaver sleeve is a proven low cost high performance solution to the premature decay problem and carries a twenty year guarantee! The sleeve is an environmentally sound option as it saves the contractors from dealing and handling creosoted products as well as not having creosote leaching into the ground once installed. There is also the fact that when applied to a pressure treated post, the sleeve will hold in more of the treatment where it should be, in the post not leaching into the ground! Yes, i see the comments about being a little longer to apply but surely these tried and tested sleeves are worth some front end work to ensure back end post life longevity? It is my opinion that these sleeves will start to become more popular in the near future as we are about to embark on marketing campaigns including direct to you guys through this medium and through Fencing News/Farmers and Builders Merchant platforms. I have offered before, i will offer again, please let me send you our new handbook outlining our product and what benefits it can bring you, then you can decide for yourselves. Please send your contact details to me at allan.poole@postsaver.co.uk, either email or postal address. Thank you for reading.
  4. ...hope you are all comfortable with this. I work for Postsaver Europe and we have, after many requests, produced a wooden post life extension handbook outlining our products. If anyone using this forum would like one sent out please let me have your details at allan.poole@postsaver.co.uk. Our products are a low cost high performance solution to todays treatment issues and well worth considering. Thanks for looking.
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