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  1. Wood is no good. At least not for more than a stretch or two. Can you believe some folks are still using wood for fence post. The wedge type clamps work well but everything we've used we end up going back to a simple piece of pipe....
  2. Just like a single gate only twice.......lol We rarely use wood, but when we do we use a welded metal frame will trusses. As in the bottom photo. That gate has been up ten plus years by the way. 8x10. The truss rods can be tightened or loosened to give a small amount of adjustment. No screws or bolts in any of my hinges. Every thing is welded up once the gates or right. And sometimes you just have to hang them. See where you screwed up, cut em down and do it again.............and never, ever ever ever ever let the customer pick up materials.
  3. Without knowing more it sounds like put your brace post to the same grade above ground as your gate post. In other words your horizontal brace will be parallel to the ground, not level. If you're dealing with the crown of a road and you can make both sides slope the same it will look better to the eye. There is a fair amount of "artistic license" to be used in these kinda deals. If you lack experience by all means mock it up to make sure you get a eye pleasing look. And pull that gate post up and dig it a foot deeper.
  4. So if you've replaced the washer or o ring. There has to be one or the other in that fitting. First thing put some Teflon tape on those threads. Along with any other hydraulic fittings you take loose. Make sure you hold the tape back from the ends a few threads of course. If you still have a leak replace the fitting. You'll have to pull that line and take it to someone who builds hydraulic lines.... They wear out especially on something like a post driver.
  5. Leave the interfering horizontal brace out until after you make your pull and hook up
  6. A scabard for the pig popper, a yeti 110,:and Bluetooth.
  7. I've never used one with the exception of home made ones. Not anything like your talking about... just a glorified rock bar really. I've used pneumatic tools all my life. Hammers, drivers and drills.im thinking Your gonna get your heart broke when you take that Spike to some solid Rock. May be ok in she'll or fractured rock. But with no way to clear the spoils it ain't gonna do in bedrock.
  8. We use the tclips on 4x4 and smaller. However you can fashion you a tool rather easily. A small piece of brakeline works very well. A small 1/4 inch drive deep socket also work's. You just need something to slide over the tag end with a edge to catch on the tight wire. And as you turn it the tag slips through making a nice wrap.
  9. my vote is for the little beaver mechanical. 5 horse. ive owned them all. the hydraulic is slow. the mechanical will dig circles around the hydraulic. ive had a couple with the bigger engine it digs great but has enough power that breaking the pto cable was a problem...even with the slip clutch. plus it will kidney punch the hell outa you. I had a towbehind I dot rember the brand. it was yellow. it was a useless pos.
  10. We currently get 1.00 a foot to run a track loader down the old fenceline. We pile everything in manageable burn piles along the fence line. If the customer wants the steel separate from the brush it's about 30 cents more. What's a stake???
  11. cant add much to what west fork said. if the dog walks through the fence you have. that's no good. theres some bandaid type fixes you could do. but it will always be a rig and look like a after thought. the way I see it theres two acceptable options. install the proper net wire or get different dogs.........
  12. I'm became a big fan of the square knot and one piece stay probably round y2k. it was low tensil redbrand. it stretched and graded out so much better than hingedjoint wire. this is even more so with high tensil. id like to say I will never use low carbon or hinged knot again but often I'm dealing with a hardheaded texas rancher. ive known him since I was born. I have to give him what he wants....even if hes wrong. weve converted plenty to tornado and we try on very one. there wont be any hinge knot in my barn and theres very little fixed. almost all torus square not. sise by side they both make a world class fence. the torus being a little cheaper.....usually. and easier to work. imo. I'm just curious can anyone give me a good friendly argument that I can use with my customers on why the fixed knot is considered king.
  13. Fence

    Wood is outdated

    We use 23/8 to 3" on braces and pipe fence. I use absolutely zero lumber in agriculture fence. we drive H post to around 40" every H gets a deadman. no exception I will not build just a H. the dead man is driven to a depth of 4 to 8foot. our ground is predominantly rocky. in places it's nothing but rock. in these areas we may fall short of 3' the length of the rock drill .
  14. I can only speak for Texas. There is absolutely no height requirements for deer fence in unincorporated areas. Within city limits typically a variant must be approved by city council for heights over 6 feet. Up to 8 foot is generally approved easily.
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