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  1. Thank you that's a very good idea, will need a few notebooks I think as my brothers handiwork was never standard stuff! Was always studying fencing and how it was done especially every time he went to New Zealand and experimented here back home.
  2. Hi folks, this is a bit of a cheeky request but am not after your personal trade secrets just general tips regarding stock fencing. As many of you know the late member goaty was my brother and he did the fencing work on the estate where I work, my manager has bought my brothers byrce post knocker with the aim of taking fencing back in hand! My problem is even though I spent time with my brother fencing I never paid any attention to how he set the job up, I just went along with the flow. Any advice how to start fencing would be much appreciated or point me in the right direction that would be great ta. Thanks Mark
  3. Must say a very big thank you to Paul H and the team at tornado! It's a grand tribute to my late brother, me and my wife was nearly moved to tears when we saw it. Thank you.
  4. I know of someone who had an old type isuzu and when local dealer had the 1.9 demo available he tried it, as he does a lot of towing a mini digger he wanted to see how it coped. He managed to get one of the very last ones on stock of the old type as found it a bit lacking, guess he will change brands next time unless isuzu make them with a bit more in reserve.
  5. Having 2 stihl's at work and a husky 357xp for my personal use I prefer the husky I wish work would get huskys but the stihl dealer is nearer so they win.
  6. We have a jd gator but out the 3 demo's we had I prefered the kubota rtv 900, it just feels well built and solid. The polaris ranger was very quick and nippy but it was all plasticky and didn't have that last long feel. The gator arrived due to the keen to be in dealer with a deal that was too good to turn down but it was a courtesy vehicle at the last yams (York agricultural machinery show) so arrived with 8 hours on it, happy with it but in my opinion it's no kubota!
  7. I mean in general not just post bangers, like tractors, machinery makers and suppliers.
  8. Having met jock for the 1st time this year at lamma i can honestly say what a decent man he seems, was waiting 10 -15min while he was dealing with the chap before me so ended up talking to the son and had a good chat with him. When finally got to speak to jock he was very approachable and very helpful. Shame other reps and manafactures couldn't be like that.
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