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Charles 1990

Sale of Fencing Equipment and Plant

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Evening all, just wanted to aquaint the forum with our upcoming auction this week.

North Eastern Plant have been installing tornado wire in specialist applications for some years now. Examples of our install work can be viewed at Yorkshire Wildlife Park and Hamerton Zoo park.

We have in mind to vacate the blaxton works yard which has been our home for many years, as Andy our Landlord has worked a deal with a local developer, and it will be redeveloped for residential soon.

 We have a new yard facility available, but it is a fraction of the size that we have been accustomed to at blaxton. With this in mind, we have taken the opportunity to hone down our operations and focus specifically on meeting the needs of our clients supplying pumping, pipework and control solutions. 

We are having a sale of the majority of our yard and fleet contents. The official yard viewing day is this tomorrow Monday the 26th and the bidding closes online over the 2 following days 27th and 28th. 

There are several items which may be of interest to the forum, including post augers, petrol post driver, track mounted wrag post knocker with wire unroller, stretcher bars, tirfor chain blocks, excavators, skid steers and much more!!! There are also several lots of tornado wire, and also a special black coated wire which we developed for the zoo standoff barrier.

The auction can be accessed via either:




Regards Charlie Turner

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