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  1. West Fork Fence

    Solonet or Quickfencer?

    How will you be using it, loader mount or three point? In my limited experience with both of them, the Solo seems a bit better thought out. I tried a QF on a skid steer, and never could get as tight as I wanted, and I don't think the side load was doing the loader arms any good. The two Solo's I've been around were tractor and Solo track mounted, respectively. Only got to see one hitch with the little one, but the big Solo net was impressive, for the most part. Again, my experience with each is fairly limited. Tepapa has a pair of Solo nets, so maybe he'll be along soon.
  2. West Fork Fence

    Gate and brace post

    12.5 gauge HT for your brace wire. 2 or 3 complete wraps in a figure 8 pattern. Tension and join with a crimp sleeve, a tex brown knot, a gripple, or a ratchet strainer. Gripple also makes a quick brace kit, and my wife will be glad to sell them to you. They are the handiest if you are only building a few braces. 844-48-FENCE
  3. West Fork Fence

    How well are your posts treated?

    There is more to it than that. Shoot me a text, and I'll tell you what I know. Eight One Two 798 forty six 0 four. Not an appropriate conversation for the entire interwebs to find. Also, this is way cheaper than you think. ? http://protechmachinery.co.uk/html/products/P30-contractor.html
  4. West Fork Fence

    How well are your posts treated?

    It depends. Cheaper than creosote for us, but that’s just the front end. 100 years divided by 25 years equals a whole lot cheaper than anything you can buy. Nailing down efficient availability was the toughest part for us, but we figured it out. I’ll ask my guys about the left coast, and where you should look. Just loaded another pic for you. Took over a year to square that deal. You can’t judge book by the cover. Test results are a must these days.
  5. West Fork Fence

    How well are your posts treated?

    SS40 Class III. Problems are over, and easier to install.
  6. West Fork Fence

    How well are your posts treated?

    I added some pictures for you. At first glance, I would have thought that to be a pretty bad post. All wood is not created equal, and it appears that you have a well treated post, assuming the retention rate is up to snuff, and there really is that much heartwood in there. If that were southern yellow pine, it’d be a five year post at best. The pic with the last paragraph outlined in red should be of particular interest. You are entitled to test results.
  7. West Fork Fence

    How well are your posts treated?

    What kind of wood is that? 4" diameter, I'm assuming? Nice set of pictures you uploaded, by the way.
  8. West Fork Fence

    Senco Cordless Stapler

    Can't help you there, but welcome along.