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  1. West Fork Fence

    Dogs in sheep out

    http://www.tornadowire.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/HT8-80-30-web.pdf Sorry, I posted the wrong link. Is this what you have? The wire will measure what the data sheet says, as Tornado takes great care to meet the standards set. I'm sure a bit of local knowledge will be along soon to answer your specific questions. I'm just killing time while waiting out a thunderstorm about 4,000 miles west of you.
  2. West Fork Fence

    Dogs in sheep out

    http://www.tornadowire.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/MHT8-80-15-web.pdf What you have? http://www.tornadowire.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/R13-120-5-web.pdf What you need?
  3. West Fork Fence

    fixed knot versus squre knot

    Most of the members here live in hinge joint territory, so you may not get much of an argument for fixed knot. I think the only fixed knot I laid eyes on in the UK, was at the Tornado factory. 1147-6 Torus is the called for spec used for RR right of ways.......I think.....so square knot is common. I like Titan fixed knot, but I like Torus square knot, too. Anywhere there will be pressure from livestock, trees, neighbors kids, etc, I like fixed knot. They are both plenty stiff, but the fixed knot is a bit tougher, and quite a bit more visible. The biggest benefit of Torus, in my opinion, would be the long rolls.
  4. West Fork Fence

    Wood is outdated

    Be the first in your area to use it, and do a good job. You'll have more work than you can handle in no time. Galvanized wire on galvanized posts with galvanized fasteners...... It'll last forever. www.farmfencetalk.co.uk/gallery/image/615-img_5283jpg/
  5. West Fork Fence

    Wood is outdated

    We use a 4" SS40 strainer, 3" SS40 brace post and deadman, and 2-1/2" SS40 horizontal and angled strut.
  6. West Fork Fence

    Wood is outdated

    Did you have to ether the laptop to get it started?
  7. West Fork Fence

    Advice on lamb-proof, horned-sheep safe and horse safe fencing

  8. West Fork Fence

    Advice on lamb-proof, horned-sheep safe and horse safe fencing

    Hi Sheepneighbour, and welcome to the forum. It seems that the R12/110/5 with a strand of electrified White Lightning on top would tick all of your boxes for the horses, and most likely the sheep, as well. We have used similar spec wire for horn goats, and didn't have any troubles reported. I can't speak to the lethality of chicken wire in the horn sheep world, but it seems they are born with an overwhelming desire to die, so I would imagine there is a way for it to happen. I have attached a picture of our version, which is R13/122/5, or 1348-2, with an electrified coated HT wire over top. Good luck with your project. I'm sure that some real sheep experts will be along shortly to offer more/better solutions.
  9. West Fork Fence


    Like Fence said, you've likely over-tensioned your brace wire. I have had a couple fail in similar situations, but once I got the feel for where they needed to be, it hasn't been an issue. Keep in mind that the fence wire will put more load on the brace wire, once you tension it. 180KSI wire works better than 200 and higher, IMHO, and you won't need to pre-stretch it. One loop of 5/32" aircraft cable and a large Gripple works even better yet. FWIW, I still like tying knots, but at 40 years old....... There are plenty of ways to do this job without accelerating the crippling of your body. Once your eyes hit the fourth decade, crimp sleeves are only good for boosting blood pressure and the cash in the curse word bucket.
  10. West Fork Fence


    Gripples work fine around here, and my fence is just as tight or tighter than anyone's. Show us some pictures of failures so we all have something to base our prejudice on.
  11. West Fork Fence

    Gas powered pounder

    ........And I'd like to introduce you all to the two most stubborn people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. LOL
  12. West Fork Fence

    Gas powered pounder

    I tried to click the little heart button multiple times, but the limit must be set at one. Maybe Paul or Nick would have a look at fixing this flaw in the programing?
  13. West Fork Fence

    Gas powered pounder

    That sounds better. I did see one bend and twist a little once.
  14. West Fork Fence

    Gas powered pounder

    EVO 1. I did talk a friend into a Solotrac, since his number one requirement was having someone easy to deal with. I figured Simon was the man for the job. How are you getting along with your new and improved Solonet? I've been thinking I might have to get Simon to build one for me.