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  1. West Fork Fence

    Rusting netting

    Contact with some wood preservatives will cause corrosion. ACQ is especially bad about eating fasteners/steel. https://www.fpl.fs.fed.us/documnts/pdf1987/baker87a.pdf
  2. West Fork Fence

    New Guy

    Welcome to the forum John.
  3. West Fork Fence

    90 degree turns

    I think I'm following..... Strip your vertical stays and tie off at the strainers like normal, and use a gut strain. Saves the frustration of trying to tie off under tension in the crowded space of an inside corner.
  4. West Fork Fence

    EVO 1

  5. West Fork Fence

    Measurement app

    https://www.farmfencesolutions.com/fence-configurator/ Tornado has a more detailed version on their website, if you'd rather have a way to bid jobs from home.
  6. West Fork Fence

    Modification or add on equipment for tracked driver?

    Dang right there'll be tool boxes. Where else am I going to put my snacks?
  7. http://www.farmfencetalk.co.uk/gallery/image/638-img_5691jpg/ As we anxiously await the delivery of our first EVO machine, I've been wondering about any modifications or add on equipment that would increase productivity. What have you added to your machine that has helped increase efficiency? I've been considering a hydraulic driven welder, like this. https://www.zena.net/htdocs/welders/hyd_wld_2nd.shtml
  8. West Fork Fence

    Minimum tractor size for Kinghitter

    https://www.machinerytrader.com/listings/construction-equipment/for-sale/21915969/2017-kubota-kc250hr Built in slew. I've got room in a container leaving the UK on Friday. 😉
  9. West Fork Fence

    Minimum tractor size for Kinghitter

    http://www.farmfencetalk.co.uk/gallery/ There ya go. For what it's worth, I can have a pretty nice second hand tracked driver in your hands for close to that 30k difference. Maybe less, depending on the currency exchange.
  10. West Fork Fence


    Probably the most difficult part, which still wasn't hard, was getting the ends anchored in the proper position. It really didn't take long, once I got started.
  11. West Fork Fence


    Mount bracket.
  12. West Fork Fence


    Easy peasy.
  13. West Fork Fence


    Had to cut off the standard threads, and TIG on the metric ends to match the Yanmar threads.
  14. West Fork Fence

    IMG_0108 (1).JPG

    Directly under the threaded end of the control cable, is the selector lever for swapping from the front, to the rear controls. You can see the original backward facing steering sticks on the right hand side. On the C50R, you just swing the seat around to make the swap, and I think the C30R is the same.