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  1. Uneven ground

    Hard stapling to overcome slack line wires? What kind of wire are you using?
  2. Uneven ground

    https://www.farmfencesolutions.com/product/titan-1348-2/ Something along these lines, but if the dogs are all bigger, it would be overkill.
  3. Uneven ground

    Net wire that stretches evenly is quite a bit easier to work with in uneven terrain. With Tornado, it's not an issue, but with other brands, we've had to cut the wire at peaks and valleys and put in a "V" with crimps or Gripples to make it stretch evenly. In the picture above, we just pulled it down and tied it off. No slack line wires to deal with.
  4. Uneven ground

    What kind of fence?
  5. Wire clamp/stretcher

    Let me know how you like it. Sorry I wasn't around, but it was just warm enough that everything would start, so I was out fencing.
  6. Wire clamp/stretcher

  7. Foregin Fence

    I really enjoy seeing how you all do things, so I figured I would share a few photos of some American fence.
  8. gripples

    I'll throw my evidence into the ring. I'm interested to see some failures, so we know where we might not want to be using them.
  9. Wire clamp/stretcher

    They are not branded. I can send you pictures, if you want?
  10. Wire clamp/stretcher

    Total would be $192.00 Wedge stretcher is $135....balance is shipping.
  11. Wire clamp/stretcher

    Zip code?
  12. gripples

    Let me know what you want, and if we don't have it in stock, I'll see about getting it on our next order.
  13. gripples

    Yes, we are. There is soon to be one in CA, but they are mostly in the electric fence end of Strainrite products.
  14. gripples

    We stock Strainrite crimp sleeves.
  15. Wire clamp/stretcher

    4' are around a hundred bucks. 5' are about $25 more.....if memory serves. I'll double check for you when I get home tonight. Yes, they work fine in all net. If I could only pick one size, it'd be the 5'.