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Taut fence line wanted!


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There's only one way to ensure no slack, good quality strainer posts anchored at the start of every run and also at EVERY change in direction the old myths that it's only a slight curve we will get that on the stakes is not true. Once your strainer line is set you can the drive intermediate posts add the struts or braces to the strainers.

Once you have done that you can tie of at one end then you have two options you can either tie off at far end and pull to the middle of pull to the far end, you may need to pull to a strainer half way and defiantly to any 90 degree bends.


The best way to pull is to use specialist equipment you will need boundary clamps x2 boundary strainers x2 or if you are installing line wires a chain type strainer for every line wire in the fence as you need to have them all under tension at same time.

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