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Fencing in NZ


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Hi Folks


just wondered if any of you knew the score with working visa's for NZ, Me n the mrs both went out last year for 2 months travelling really but while we were there I hooked up with various contractors n shearers to help them out just to see how they did things over there really!


anyway we both loved it and we said a few times it would be good if we could go over there in our winter and work as she made a good wool handler! and im a fencing contractor myself


I know u only get one shot at a work visa for like a year or so and that's all u can get, but I just wondered if anyone knew of like a seasonal visa or owt?





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You can get the working holiday visa which i think let's you come and go for a period of two years max If your under 30.

Or You can get a normal work permit but there has to be a shortage of skilled labour in a certain area I.e. shearers in southland and you have to have a job offer to apply. There's a list on the nz website of eligible jobs try WWW.immigration.govt.nz . With this option you can't just go where you like you have go where the shortage is. Don't know if fencing is on the list and shearing was only in southland last time I went (2010)

I went down to the nz embassy in London with all the paperwork and got a permit to take home.

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