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Grant taylor

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Hi am new to the site, found it whilst searching for prices for post knockers. I work on an estate in Northumberland, most of the job is fencing, tree maintenance, firewood and general dogs body goffer type stuff. Been in this job a little over a year before this I was a forestry contracter and did little fencing work, filled odd days labouring for lads when I was quite. So all most self taught from picking things up and having to over come problems as they come up. I am keen to know how different people put up there fence, struts, tieing wire, gear used etc.

I notch my struts in to the strainer with a chisel then in to the ground knocking a 5x3 or 4x3 off cut in to hold it. I do a plain wire at the bottom then net the a barb. And try not to go more than 200m on a pull, feel free to pull me apart if am wrong, every days a school day and am keen to learn and be better at every thing I do. And try new ways. Different ways of Tieing wire would be good.

Cheers grant

Oh and i do use tornado

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