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torus fencing


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Ive a job next week to fence off a 20 metre section of paddock with torus fence, and a top rail,

I've never used torus before,

There is a strainer at one end on top of a 3 ft bank then, it runs to another strainer,

So how is it best to tighten, torus?

I am thinking for such a short run, just to pull round strainer with claw hammer,

Also the guy who put up the rest of paddock didn't, tie off the ends just stapled hard to strainer,


So what is the best way to do it.

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Just put my first torus stockfence up, have to say I didn't notice much difference when it came to pulling it or hinge joint,

It was a more or less flat pull couple of slight turns,I thought the x knot was easier to remove,but I am just wondering for those of you that use it often, is it better than hinge joint on undulating ground, in thinking it would come into its own then.

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