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Stock-ade tools


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  • 9 months later...

Had my first go with the staple mate on a couple of repair jobs.


It works very well at staple extraction, it won't get every staple. However it's impressive how many it does get. Strong steel jaws carve their way into the staple if they miss the underneath.

The cutting jaws are effective, hopefully they will stay that way for a long time.

The wire gripper I didn't get to use on wire, it did grip and pull some paslode 90mm smooth nails out where rails were broken. Handy to have but due to it's lop sided mounting, it's likely to flip or twist.

The leverage mechanism design is powerful, it reduces shock loading a lot in comparison to regular fencing pliers and my felco c7 wire cutters.


Only gripes would be the expensive price and the handles are tough quality rounded profile. It feels like you are handling water pipe on round bar, not as ergonomic as they could be especially if used for long durations. The handles would benefit from being a brighter harder to lose colour, black is the most durable colour in plastics awkward to find in less ideal conditions.


Maybe on a longer dismantle I would start with the staplemate to pinch out the staples then lever them out with a longer lever, to speed up rate and alleviate repetitive strain injuries.


A good tool.

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  • 2 months later...

Did a real world evaluation today. I was removing a 6 plain wire fence. I set the stopwatch and did a section which I was 4 posts (24 staples)

I tried to not deliberately rush and go a normal focused rate.


1st section using any tool except the stalemate, I used fencing pliers mainly but one staple needed hammer and punch to get under it first.


Time 6 minutes 23 seconds


Then I did it with just the stalemate and wore the tool belt.


Time 3 minutes 22 seconds.


I realised bending over with the tool belt was not comfortable and getting in the way.


I finished the whole dismantle with just the staplemate, but took off the belt and carried a couple of food tins for the staples. I timed the 1st section


Time 2 minutes 45 seconds


No regrets with the staple mate purchase, only time it may not work is if a barb knot is wedged against the staple, then you can cut it anyway with the tools cutting jaws.

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