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Gate Gudgeons/hooks


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Don’t know which is the best but I use the hooks with square shanks on a general field gate. Auguring a 19mm or 16mm hole depending in gate post diameter and never been asked to come back to attend to one that as failed.

If I invert a hinge it’s usually the bottom hook. But have gone to greater lengths to stop them walking off on their own welding drilling nuts and fitting spring pins, and chains locks.

With the modern battery operated grinders and a 1mm blade no gate is absolutely safe.  

  I quite like the look of the NZ type but never fitted one so not able to comment.

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Yes a square shank I get my hooks to drive. And to bolt from tornado,

Though I get a local fabricator to make up gate eye bolts as tornado don't stock just the eye bolts, apparently only come with the gates,

I told my fabricator I could buy them for £1.60 each ( which may have been a lie) so he made 50 @£1.50 each.

Must see put another order in.

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Square shank in the hope of it not twisting out of true.


I have inverted both ways and if required left them so gate can lift off.


Now I invert the bottom as the hammer in hinge is not as strong as the bolt through top type which holds the weight whilst leaving the bottom just to primarily hinge it.



I could whip a wooden gate off much quicker than a steel type. With simpler tools.  Won't post here how for crime reasons.


The kiwi screw in hinges  have always looked strong enough when Ive seen them in NZ.

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