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15cm spacing on netting


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One for Tornado I suspect


Who initially decided on 15cm spacing and is there any science behind the choice?


Just wondering has anyone done any trial work on different vertical spacings?


Due to 15cm's popularity with farmers I wonder if reducing the size to 13/14cm or increasing to 16/17 cm would significantly make any difference to sheep getting stuck / ripping out tags or is 22cm the better option.


I forsee a disertation project for a university student there somewhere?

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15cm has long been the spacing of choice, originating in the bad old days when the only option was mild steel fencing where the soft line wires needed support from close verticals. We used to erect a lot of high tensile line wire fences in the 1970s with 6 or 7 line wires and droppers at 2m. When we introduced high tensile nets we sold much more 30cm net than 15cm as we felt 30cm was close enough, especially compared to the 2m of a dropper fence. As other manufacturers started to produce HT nets they just did what they were used to - 8/80/15. Remember these are steel producers who want to sell tonnage and may not understand the finer points of what fence does. Gradually 15cm became the norm for HT fences as well as mild steel. With 30cm sales in decline we introduced a 22cm option which has proved to be a popular compromise. Small changes to 13/14 or 16/17 cm would make no material difference to the fence but I think most people should be able to find what they want from our existing range which includes: 5cm, 8cm, 15cm, 22cm, 30cm or even 60cm.

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