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he aint goin to be happy,


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the man i work for part time is in for a big shock when he gets back from his relaxing golfing holiday in Spain,


he left me and the guy at the other farm in charge, and we took the opportunity to finally get to work on the current abonination that is described as fencing,


he has 200 mule hoggs that wre out at least 3-4 times a week all last winter,

and he has cut down his milking herd to around 30 and is going to buy another 200- 300 fattening lambs, 


a quite frankly me and the other boy are sick of being told to "run" after sheep while he takes anothe conveniently timed call on his phone.


so today we laid out, 550 posts, to go along with the 15 strainers and turners, all ready for chapping next week, and after that the 1800 meters for Tornado HT stock fence, will be going on along with two top barbeds,


i hope im not working the day that the bill from Ravenhill comes in, 


how does the song go 

"there may be trouble ahead"



so has anyone else had those customers that have negleted thier fences for so long that to get them in to shape is going to be expensive


by the way HT 100 mtr stocknet at ravenhill £91 + vat, seems very steep to me,

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I have customer's that have gone into environmental schemes just to get fencing, as they are tenants nearing retirement and will get clobbered by delapedarions when they leave if they don't spend on fencing they have neglected for years.

They think its wonderful when they get a new fence as they can manage stock!

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Charlie, he sold 13 heifers at Carlisle n Wednesday, and two of them will cover the cost of everything,

I tried to tell him to do a field or two each year, keeps the cost down, gives at least one or two secure fields,


I've often wondered if fencers should offer an annual " service" for fences, we check over the lines, ensure all staples there, any damage to wire or posts , we ensure all electric lines, are free from obstruction, check them all for current, in fact the more I think about I may well offer this to customers, they pay a small fee, say a call out charge, I check fences, and leave price for any work.required,

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Ive done the while the boss is away thing to good effect. Get lots done and properly. I remember him going away and giving us 7 whole days in halves over a fortnight to take out a 9 acre field rabbit fence. We used a subsoiler set alongside  the net to lift the net out. 4 of us on the job finished by 12.30 1st morning then wiped off the other jobs he had left and more.

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