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the council should help out and highways


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Good theory and practice, but who cares is the problem. If they have budgets to spend or lose they throw it away silly if they have to instead of diverting the resources to make a real difference. Plus they get contractors in with all the paperwork and courses done which is construction or civil engineering firms.


 On new bypasses and roads they fit then leave to rot and forget. I have a relative who works in highway utilities and I've been told if you are operating on the field side its ok, but on the highway side traffic management is needed.


We do need to club together as an industry for the common good. Trouble is none of us are shirt and tie types.

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It all depends on the maintenance contract left in place when the Highway was built/upgraded and who is responsible for it. Motorways are all managed and part of the responsibility of that is fencing. That is replaced as necessary.

As for A roads well the responsibility falls to either the local council or the local Highways England office. It will be up to the landowner to negotiate with them for replacement.

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